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Fundamental Research Paper

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Fundamental ResearchBy: Krista DickinsonBSHS 382Professor Michael Kreitler, MAApril 16th, 2014This paper will explore the scientific method and incorporate how the research can beused within the profession of human services. This paper will provide the scientific inquiry stepsas their importance is explained. An example on how human service professional would use thescientific method will also be included. Qualitative and quantitative research will be brieflydiscussed along with their differences and their relation to the human service field. Also includedin this paper is a research methodology for the two models along with an understanding of mixedmethod research. The paper will also touch base on the understanding of how scientific researchsupports the human service professionals' functions. Without further due, let's get started.Scientific method is an investigation that employees the principles and empiricalprocesses in which the problem is identified. Data is gathers by observation, a hypothesis isdeveloped from the data, and then the hypotheses is tested and a conclusion to validate or modifythe hypothesis. Scientific methods as the center of scientific inquiry serves as a framework for allbranches of science to assess their situations and to reach conclusions based on observation,concepts, experiments, and analysis.Scientific inquiry is a process that involves developing questions so that one can deviseanswers. Researchers develop a hypothesis based on his or her observations of phenomena andthen design experiments to test them. Researchers then use technology to gather scientificallyfact-based information in a systematic way by examining the experimental evidence. Then theinterpretation of the data to prove if the hypothesis is true or not is completed. Scientific inquiryrequires the investigator or investigators to identify any personal assumptions taking intoconsideration other possible explanations (ScienceBuddies, 2010). It is a process that helpsdevelop critical and logical thinking skills. Take a look at the example of a human serviceprofessional wanting to conduct research regarding student addicts. The professional would doresearch, construct a hypothesis, and then test the hypothesis through an experiment analyzingthe data collected. First thing would be asking a question such as "how to alleviate studentaddiction?" Then the professional would search for other existing research with backgroundinformation regarding a student addiction. Inside the background research, the professionalfound evidence that addiction in the school systems is high and could be because of a lack ofeducation about drugs and alcohol. The hypothesis could be, "With many addicts in the schoolsystem having a lack of education on alcohol and drugs, a new education program may offer theeffected population the opportunity to become aware and get treatment." The professional wouldthen place 30 addicts within the school system in an education and sobriety program...

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