Fundamentalism Forever Essay

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Fundamentalism Forever
In a world where science prevails and automation dominates, it’s easy to assume religion would eventually fade away in the process of global modernization. However, as society becomes increasingly concrete and traditional, religion gradually takes on a more prominent role in modern-day culture. With technology advancing and politics overwhelming the newsstands, mankind searches for assurance (in some cases escape) through various religions, customs, cults, and at times, extremist ideologies. Fundamentalism is emerging across the globe, affecting it for the better, and for the worst.
The ongoing war in the Middle East has created much controversy in the eyes of western civilization. Like the youth movement of the 1960s, war tends to create tension between tradition and newly adapted lifestyles. Plus, for every war in history, there have always been problems for the citizens of either side. Therefore, war exhibits fundamentalism at it’s best, easily allowing different religions to protest the “apparent” atrocities of customary civilization. In turn, some of these protests ended up taking a more extremist route when dealing with such radical issues. As Karen Armstrong puts it, “Perhaps the most important factor to understand about this widespread religious militancy is its rootedness in a deep fear of annihilation. Every fundamentalist movement I have studied in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is convinced that modern secular society wants to wipe out religion-even in America. Fundamentalists, therefore, believe they are fighting for survival, and when people feel that their backs are to the wall, some can strike out violently.” (Karen Armstrong)
To reiterate, fundamentalism is emerging simultaneously with global modernization. As new developments are erected, and Congress passing fresh bills, protests and disagreements are soon to follow. For example, a recent Islamic center was said to be going through construction near Ground Zero in New York City. Being that 9/11 was the worst act of violence to happen to America since Pearl Harbor, its understandable that many New Yorkers were displeased. Many fundamentalists argued that the same extremist group that attacked New York had nothing to do with the Islamic center. The citizens of New York felt disrespected because people thought it was inappropriate to let the Islamic people continue with their construction on Ground Zero, this is an example of secularist society verses fundamentalist society. This incident is a perfect display of the constant controversy between secular society and emerging religions.
Aside from construction projects and new developments, fashion has proved to be a factor of fundamentalisms strong presence in today’s universe. The most recognizable dress in most industrialized parts of the world usually consists of a button down shirt and a pair of...

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