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Criminal Justice System And Law Essay

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Within the Federal Government there are three main branches; “the Legislative, the Judicial, and Executive” (Phaedra Trethan, 2013). They have the same basic shape and the same basic roles were written in the Constitution in 1787.
The legislative branch consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives also known together as Congress is the only branch that has the power to create new laws. Furthermore the legislative branch employs an amazing amount of power. However the members of this branch are likely voted out of office if their objectives are not acceptable to the people. In addition the legislative branch is looked at the branch that is connected to the people. (Phaedra Trethan, 2013)
The Executive Branch role is crucial operation of the executive branch is to assure that laws are carried out and enforced and aid the day to day responsibilities of the federal government to include “collecting taxes, safeguarding the homeland and representing the United States political and economic interests around the world” (Phaedra Trethan, 2013).
The Judicial Branch consists of the United States Supreme Court and the lower federal courts. Their role is to hear cases that challenges the legislation or are in need of interpretation of that legislation. (Phaedra Trethan, 2013) (Federal Government, 2003) (Sparknotes, LLC, 2011) (Independence Hall Association, 2008-2012)
The Supreme Court and Federal court have the same authority as in the Constitution. This system is called checks and balances which prevents the sole power of any one of the three branches. In addition, this power can be divided between the states and Federal government. The Federal government’s role in “domestic and foreign affairs and how they have grown” (Federal Government, 2003), this growth is in the number of employees. The Federal express powers that include; “collect taxes, regulate interstate commerce, coin money, regulate currency, set standard of weights and measures, declare war, and raise, and maintain an army and navy” (Federal Government, 2003). In addition, there are three types of powers that the Federal governments are allow they are “Delegated, Implied, and Inherent powers” (Federal Government, 2003).
“Delegated Powers are money (coin), in the same way this power has the ability to maintain our armed forces, create a post office, declare war, and regulate commerce” (Sparknotes, LLC, 2011). The Constitution set aside 27 powers to the Federal government. Implied powers are not exactly outlined in the Constitution, they may be assumed in “Article 1, Section 8” (Independence Hall Association, 2008-2012). This will give Congress the power "to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and other powers vested in the government of the United States" (Independence Hall Association, 2008-2012). These powers are not accurate, and the courts have to decide which of the implied powers should be used. Equally...

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