Foundations Skills For Midwifery: Oral Hygiene.

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Various studies and health care professionals have suggested that oral hygiene within the health service, is a care provision which should be considered more carefully. This paper is going to look into the reasons behind this; the need for carrying out such a procedure, equipment required, skills in relation to the care provision, safety measures and ways of improvement. All of these are going to be implemented on basic oral hygeine procedures, although also relaying the information to a midwifery context. Oral hygiene is of up most importance whist pregnant, therefore we shall be highlighting this fact, as well as introducing the main reasons for health care professionals to interact with oral hygeine procedures. A persons nutrition, diet and personal hygiene all counteract with one another to create a balance of oral hygiene. This paper shall look at the differing balances and the effect it has on the health of a person.Throughout her career, a midwife may not encounter a varying degree of circumstances leading to the physical intervention of caring for a persons oral hygiene. This does not mean to say she should be any less skilled or knowledgeable in this field. Oral hygiene is thought to be highly important whilst pregnant. The government therefore provides free dental treatment to all pregnant women, this carries on until the child's first birthday.From the first initial booking a pregnant mother has with her midwife, oral hygiene and diet should be discussed. Due to the changes the body goes through in pregnancy and the hormone levels, inflammation and swelling of the gums is common. Also a build up of plaque in these area's can cause problems and lead to gum disease if proper and inadequate oral hygiene methods are not in place. ( ach ) To consider the health of the fetus, we must also look at the stages of development it undergoes. Around three months following conception, the teeth begin to develop. Therefore knowledge from the midwife at the initial booking visit on diet and oral hygiene, not only contributes to the mother's well-being, but also to the development of the unborn child. This knowledge should be conveyed to the mother in various forms; speech, discussion, information leaflets and posters. There are other methods to be used, but these are useful ways in promoting oral hygiene and the more information she gathers, the more likely she is to take these precautions on board. This highlights the role of the midwife to be a good communicator. This information should be clear, up to date and conveyed in a suitable manner that the patient will understand. This is a skill that should be highly polished and always maintained by the professional.There are many factors that can contribute to poor oral health apart from pregnancy. These can include poor oral hygiene methods by the patient, poor diet, physical disability, nausea, anorexia, drug therapy, oxygen therapy, chemo/radiotherapy, dehydration and diabetes mellitus. Evans (2001),...

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