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Funding For A Better Alternative: Well Ness Programs In College

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Funding for a Better Alternative

What would happen if colleges, universities, or the government stopped funding sports? What if you believed that colleges are spending your money to boost public sporting events? Can we trust colleges and universities to make the right decision, and not spend your money on such events? The ordinary college student would say there ought to have be a change. The problem with college funding sports is that it costs absolutely a lot of money, and it has no impact on student education. In fact, colleges have spent over 90 million dollars’ worth of sports programs. Ever since, there has been more increases of injuries, drugs, and health problems for college students. 8% of college students that are participating in these events either have poor academic standards, or are pro-longed to drugs. This shows that colleges are not concerned for student’s health. They are mostly concerned on student spending and participation. Colleges should think about their budget, and their institution by providing more educational well-ness programs. Well-ness programs tends to be safer, educational, and beneficial for students. It also boots student’s health more than sports would do. As an alternative, colleges and universities, should both look into funding well-ness programs.
College sporting events are a major factor to why students are not academically engaged in learning. The growth of these events have increased from 39% to 98% in the last couple of months. It mostly increases during the spring or the month that funding specialist call ''march madness,'' when hundreds of thousands of college students are prepared to watch the playoffs games. The intense event lowers the form of student learning. A study conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association study’s the relationship between the university of Texas success, and the student’s grades. About 9.6% of students at the institution is academically involved in sports, and 5.2% have poor academic records. This is due to high participation in sporting events such as football and basketball. College football is actively most engaging to students. It has 110% of student participation every year. According to the institution education department, time spent on academics has lowered 23% due to sports. Glenn Johnson the president of the university examines the sports department, claims that 99% of its students support sports or participate every year (Johnson 1). Athlete director Bill Byrne, of Texas A&M says,'' What do you expect, our sports programs is popular, the physical attribution of it dominates the role of education for students,'' (Byrne 2). His claim is that sports generally effects education, leaving the institution and its students to undergo success.
While it may be true, that college sports are affecting the education of its students, statistics shows the abuse of sports spending at its worst. A study by the Delta Project of Research on institutions shows...

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