Funding For The Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, And Technician Department

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Funding for the Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Technician department has come available to conduct a research study and a request was made to present three different research study possibilities before conducting a full research proposal.

Problem Statement
At a local community college, adults of both genders and between the ages of 17-65 with diverse work experience as well as different ethnic backgrounds, entering into the career field of air conditioning and heating must take the “Refrigeration Principles” class before any advanced courses of instruction offered in refrigeration and heating. The course is taught two nights a week between 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. with an average class size of twenty-six students. The course is designed where the learner must access a web-based program, Blackboard, for reading assignments and quizzes. Learners who do not score a minimum of 70% on an assessment are allowed to take the quizzes up to three times with the final highest grade being recorded. The first class of the week is designed to review prior reading assignments and share additional information about the required reading material by way of instructor led PowerPoint method, as well as answer student questions. Upon completion of the review students proceed to the lab where they apply their knowledge by way of student-led and instructor assisted method. Lab performance learning is generally the last two hours of the first day and three and one half hours the next class day. There are no prior skills required.
Community air conditioning and heating companies have advised the program director many students who have either graduated or are currently enrolled and applying for work are unable to perform the basic skills: calculating the efficiency and basic functions of an air conditioning system, which the “Refrigeration Principles” course teaches.
The desired state is to have each student be able to identify the basic operations as well as accurately calculate an air conditioning system efficiency through the current web-based, Blackboard application, and lab performance with no less than an 80% exiting assessment. Currently there are fifteen out of the twenty-six students on average per semester who do not meet the desired outcome.
Quantitative Scenario
Research Scenario
The researcher will conduct a quantitative study over four semesters to examine student study behavior when using a web-based application. There are twenty-six students enrolled in each semester “Refrigeration Principles” course; each class will have similar demographics such as gender, age, social-economic, and ethnic backgrounds. The researcher will attempt to determine method of learning success to those who do not meet the desired minimum outcome.
Research Questions and Hypothesis
A student’s failure to meet the desired minimum outcome falls on the student’s inability to prioritize study methods.
1. For the final comprehensive assessment...

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