Funding Of Sickle Cell Diseases Because Of Race.

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Funding of sickle cell diseases because of Race.
“In the United States, it's estimated that sickle cell anemia affects 70,000–100,000 people, mainly African Americans” (NHLBI, NIH, Who is at risk for sickle cell anemia). SCD is a disease that is a serious disorder in which the body can make normal blood cells and sickle shape cells. Sickle shape cells can block the blood flow in your vessels and cause pain or organ damage also put you in risk for infections. SCD has no cure available but there are many treatments out there to deal with the complications of it. From over years treatments did get better from way back in the day doctors have learned. Sickle cell disease has lack of attention and funding because it’s only affecting African American the most.
Sickle cell was first discovered by Dr. Ernest irons that was a hospital intern who look over a patients cell which seem to be different he called them “sickle cell shaped”. Sickle cell is know as a negro inherited diseases which is incorrect not only African Americans have this diseases. Many other races are effect by this diseases and regions all over the world such as India, Mediterranean countries, South American. In this case sickle disease work kind of like vaccination for malaria another diseases, this is the most common inherited disease in American. Anyone who has sickle trait and have a baby with someone who has the trait also can bring a baby into the world the world with SCD.
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The first funding for sickle cell disease began thirty years ago the federal legislation dealing with sickle cell was accepted. This legislation present notable opportunity to improve sickle cell lives but then issues began with the equality of support from government. There was a gap in the funding with researchers and clinical care SCD receive less public and professional compared with other prevalent diseases (Lauren A smith, MD “Sickle cell diseases: a question of Equality and quality”) SCD was not the topic of charities or researchers because it only affect 1 race the most. People must recognize that race issue affects the ease of use for improvement of care and resources for researchers. Since recognition that SCD has been a distinct disease race was the question.
The focus with support from federal government with SCD they have a legitimate role with balancing its own funding and priority was overall burden of different diseases. Philanthropy wants to stop the issue of it being about race and income and more on the need of measurements of needs the public just doesn’t see that when SCD is fighting a prevalent disease just has any other. As of recent the government says “We do not have data on the prevalent rate for sickle cell anemia right now. Most of our health facilities not equipped enough to handle sickle cell patients. This...

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