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The moment I walked into my house after a long day of school, I realized that something was amiss. I noticed two pairs of work boots that hardly ever see together. It only meant one thing, that both of my parents were home early. A rare occurrence seeing as my dad comes home from work when everyone is asleep and my mom just barely makes it home in time to make dinner. I knew immediately that something must have happened for them to both be home early and at the same time. Thoughts raced through my head as I took off my shoes and backpack, “Am I in trouble or my brothers?” Dread filled my heart and mind as I poked my head around the corner and into the living room. The sight before me made my heart drop. My mom’s eyes were bloodshot and tears were rolling down her face while my dad had a puffy red nose and watery eyes. My mom explained through choked sobs that my grandmother on my dad’s side had just recently passed. I grew numb and blocked out my mom’s sobs. How could the person who took care of me for a good majority of my childhood be dead? I had only spoken to her a few days ago so it couldn’t be possible for her to pass away this quickly. My disbelief whispered selfish suggestions to me, “Question her! Ask her if it’s true!” I ignored my disbelief and went to embrace my anguished parents. I always dreaded the moment where I would have to experience the death of a loved one.
My grandmother, who I lovingly called Ma Ma, played a big role in my childhood. She watched me while my older brother was in and out of the hospital due to his severe asthma. These frequent and long stays at the hospital also affected how much I was able to see my parents. Ma Ma was able to fill in the gaps of affection and attention that my parents couldn’t provide for me. I have fond memories of her cheering me up whenever I was worried about my brother. One particular memory that stands out to me is the time she brought me stuffed tiger to sooth my worries. She specifically purchased the stuffed tiger because it was my brother’s zodiac sign. Ma Ma said to me, “Your brother is just as fierce, strong, and determined as tiger is. This disease won’t stand a chance against your brother. This tiger will always watch over your brother to make sure he lives a long healthy life.” These reassuring words were able to silence my concerns about my brother’s well being.

The trips to the funeral home in New York and the funeral itself were both emotionally and physically draining for everyone in my family. We woke up at the crack of dawn each day to make the trip there and came back well into the night. The funeral home my family picked was one I was familiar with. I’ve been there two times before but only for the wake of distant relative and my great uncle. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to go to that funeral home again. Fate be it, my grandfather on my dad’s side passes away a month after my grandmother. This is a total of four times so far that I’ve been to this same exact...

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