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In the two plays written by Shakespeare, The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, love is the central theme of each comedy. The outcomes in his two plays incorporate the true meanings that love offers. In contrast, these two plays make the characters operate under different ways. The spirits in the Tempest work for Prospero, while in A Midsummer Night’s Dream the characters in this play do not acknowledge the fairies. The way Shakespeare uses the setting and characters in the plays is different. In one instance, he uses some characters to make the plot. The magic and mystery that he includes, adds intrigue and they are the ‘legs’ of which he uses to make the story stand. The central theme, ...view middle of the document...

Both stories convey the image of arranged marriage, yet the two stories lead in different directions. Though they convey this image, one play shows the tie between father and daughter, as Miranda (The Tempest) is made to marry Ferdinand. “Surely [it is] a spirit” (Dench, 8). This quote shows that Miranda was not able to meet other people and choose who she wanted to marry, mainly because of her isolation to others. While the characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream lead to each one loving the other and they arranged to marry someone else. The role of magic in this story creates the solution and problems for these characters.
Another difference between the two is the use of magic throughout the plays and who is doing that magic. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream the magic is not known to the major characters and this creates problems in these two plays. The Fairy King and Queen’s argument leads to the troubles between some major and supporting roles in this play. Their dispute over a changeling boy leads to them helping the main characters. Soon it escalates the plot as they made mistakes and added more misfortunes to the supporting and major characters. In The Tempest, magic is commanded by Prospero. His magic is used for the betterment of his daughter, Miranda, and also to help himself. His power is used to solve the story right from the beginning and leads on to solve the disputes made earlier in the story.
Despite these differences, the central theme, role of magic in the two, and what message they make are...

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