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Making Products In An Industrial Environment

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In a world of advanced technology and processes, equipment designed for heat transfer and fluid flow is used everywhere. Several obstacles are faced when making products in an industrial environment. These include product quality, maximum quantity, and being safe when making these products. Many things are taken into effect when producing products. The products need to be made as fast as possible at the best price and then sold after that.

Engineers have indirectly used the process of heat transfer to help create a better way to move fluids. In an industrial environment, steel pipes are generally used to transport chemicals from one point to another, and steel itself is used in numerous construction and processing applications. The process of killing steel has made an impact on industry around the world. Killing, or the deoxidizing, of steel has created numerous benefits. These benefits include more durable steel as seen in its longer life, less reactivity, and more even keel strength.
The use of heat transfer is seen as a very important tool in killing steel. Foundries generally use two types of furnaces. According to a metallurgical industry report by the EPA, these include direct electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces. (Environmental Protection Agency, 1995).
“A direct electric arc furnace is a large refractory-lined steel pot, fitted with a refractory roof through which 3 vertical graphite electrodes are inserted The metal charge is melted with resistive heating generated by electrical current flowing among the electrodes and through the charge… An induction furnace is a vertical refractory-lined cylinder surrounded by coils energized with alternating current. The resulting fluctuating magnetic field heats the metal” (Environmental Protection Agency, 1995).
After the metal is heated past its melting point, the molten steel is generally poured into a mold and allowed to cool. However, in order to kill steel, an intermediate process of adding metal must take place. This is a precision required step. Metals such as aluminum, silicone, and manganese are all added in diminutive quantities. These metals are used to deoxidize the steels, and will help push the oxygen to the surface of the...

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