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Furthur's Two Night Run At Time Square's Nokia Theater In New York City

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"Feels like I've been here before..." Well, one could certainly use that to represent Furthur's two night run at Time Square's Nokia Theater in New York City July 28 and 29th. While not attending the first night of Furthur's eventful two night stay at the small theater, it was apparent that the whole crowd knew what happened the previous, whether being there or not. Bob Weir had lost his stability and overall control onstage for reasons not nescesarilly unknown. However, being the classic showman that Weir is, he did not call for a canceling of the show, nor did they shorten it by any means from what I heard. Just a month earlier, it was Coney Island which was in correlation with these two shows as part of a triple-threat package. The overall love that Bob and Phil have shown for New York City is indefinitely present. From the Dead 09 tour where they had three shows in a day, then two Madison Square Garden appearances, and two East Rutethford, New Jersey performances, it was no wonder why the crowds still showed support even during the episode Weir and the crowd both experienced.

The night got off to an interesting beginning when bassist Phil Lesh walked over near Bobby near the beginning of the show, wrapping his arm around him, and spoke to the crowd (with a straight face) "Never drink out of something you haven't poured yourself." Now, this wouldn't be out of the ordinary for the friend of someone for 45 years to joke about, but the humor was not revealed anywhere from Bob Weirs straight face. Given the pre show talk, the crowd appeared to take it as confirming the rumor of Bob Weir being dosed. Nevertheless, the show started up with a rough beginning to "Dancing In The Streets" but found its form at certain parts, finally stabilizing enough to segue into "Celebration," a Phil Lesh/Robert Hunter 2001 debuted song. Then, the Phil Lesh famed song found itself evolving into the early Grateful Dead classic off of Anthem Of The Sun, "Alligator." While when played in the early days of the Grateful Dead it was usually a second set song according to the 51 times it was played from January 1967-April 1971, Furthur wailed on this tune from a early standpoint in the show, and graced with empowering jams, lead by John Kadlecik's stellar licks and singing. The four song combination came to a finish with a steady "Tennessee Jed" where Bob Weir focused on his guitar playing, foreshadowing a strong night from him ahead.
"Reuben And Cerise" was where the first set really took off for me, highlighted by John Kadlecik's lead guitar work and Jeff Chimenti's top-notch keyboard talent. As the Jerry Garcia Band classic came to an end, it was Bob Weir's time to shine once again with Ratdog's "Money For Gasline." From past versions that Furthur has done, the band really grasped the vibe and culture of the song, therefore letting it breathe out through its pure nature rather than rushing or trying to perfect it. Next was a crowd enthused "Mississippi Halfstep,"...

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