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A mix of different regional culinary traditions on a plate, fusion cuisines are the innovative and approachable versions of traditional and regional dishes. Today, America has become a multitude of racial groups, where a fusion movement has emerged. The concept of fusion cooking became popularized in America during the 1970’s due to a steady influx of immigrants in the Progressive Era. Fusion food gained societal acceptance in America during World War II when overseas service introduced it to American soldiers stationed in foreign countries. By introducing the native food and integrating it into the daily meals of the soldiers, the service indirectly inspired a more multicultural American diet. Across the world, the newly-arrived American immigrants brought foreign ingredients, foods, and culture to the United States. America’s reaction to the immigrants was to imperialize; and in attempts to “Americanize” the intimidating, steady flow of migrants, settlement house workers, food nutritionists, and domestic scientists combined the foreign and traditional recipes of the old-world with familiar American ingredients (Mintz). By fusing the two elements the culinary artists created masterpieces that were nationally accepted.
Fusion food combines cultures and traditions. It’s reflected in dishes that inspire tolerance and promote assimilation towards immigrants in America. Food, being an essential part of everyday life, influences society in extraordinary ways. Today’s immigrants face an American society built on Anglo-Saxon values and tradition that is apprehensive towards foreign culture. Yet, in the face of the opposition, food stands strong and just like The Last Supper, breaking bread still brings people together. An age-old tradition, food is a way to bring people together, and a great way to connect two people who share nothing in common. Immigrants are being integrated into American society with the help of Fusion cuisine, a contemporary take on old-world dishes. The dishes are a symbol of the desire to assimilate by the immigrants, and in turn Americans are becoming more tolerant of immigrants. The increasing amount of fusion cuisine in America is showing growing acceptance towards ethnic concepts. However, experts argue fusion cuisine loses the authenticity of the original dish and is instead a shallow attempt of Western imperialism. Yet, the pros outweigh the cons; and data shows evidence that fusion food is beneficial for Americans and immigrants.
Americans love meat, booze, and apple pie. Simple ingredients with simple spices and even simpler preparations make the all-American diet rather… simple. For a country that founded its constitution on bland English dishes, being frightened by Ethiopian food is understandable. Many Americans immediately declare disgust over food that is foreign and unfamiliar. But, this is a common close-minded mistake many Americans make based off lack of cultural experience. In a research study by University of...

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