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Fusion Is The Future Of Energy

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Fusion is The Future of Energy

Fusion energy is the same energy that provides the power for that of our sun and other stars. An example of Fusion energy is when two separate hydrogen atoms combine to form one helium atom. In this process some of the mass of the hydrogen is converted into energy. This energy is very powerful and is considered inexhaustible by the scientific community. But the ability to control this energy seems to be out of our reach. The "heating, compressing, and confining of hydrogen plasmas is very challenging." (NIF, 2007) Even so, many facilities such as NIF still try to learn the secrets of Fusion.

The idea of Fusion energy came from a man who lived in the 20th century. He thought that mass could in fact, be converted into raw energy. His name was Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of his time. As the years went by, physicists came to know of two ways to convert mass into energy. The two methods are known as fission and fusion. Fission is where neutrons are induced in a cycle of fissions to create more fission and so on. Fusion energy is energy produced nuclear fusion reactions. When two atomic nuclei fuse to create a bigger and heavier nucleus, extra mass in converted into energy. This energy is very hot and heats plasma up to ten times that of the sun. The trick is to keep the energy bottled up and going, scientist‟s predictions are all over the place and we still
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have no idea what to do with the heat and how to harness it. To create a power plant we would have to complete 3 objectives: equilibrium, stability and transport. The plasma has to be in a constant state of equilibrium and stability to stay hot and we have to make sure the particles are not constantly lost through its transport. These concepts and ideas were first researched by the military in hopes of creating the most destructive bomb. To accomplish this goal, scientists must achieve the following goals. The first included finding the right temperature. The highest recorded achieved temperature is 510 million degrees. That is about 2 times the sun. The second would be to sustain the amount of power, because the output starts out lower than the input, but slowly increases as less power is used to keep it going and the input steadily increases. The third milestone is to mass-produce these reactors. (Nowadays, scientists are struggling for the answer after 50 years. (Government Fusion, 2007) The power plants where testing is being made are still taking there finishing touches. There are many ways to create Fusion, there are two ways that the world powers consider are the best: Magnetic confinement and Inertial
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confinement. Facilities in America such as NIF or the Nova laser are inertial confinement Fusion producers. Inertial confinement takes place inside a 30 ft. wide target chamber where in the middle is a gold cylinder. This cylinder is the size of dime and inside this cylinder...

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