Futility Of Temporal Regression Essay

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Jay Gatsby is a man of great fortune and power, with only one unobtainable dream. The dream that Gatsby is chasing is Daisy, his love from before the war. Gatsby and Nick are two contrasting characters; this is because while Nick also has one goal his is obtainable in that he wishes to earn his own wealth (albeit on his influential father's dime). Gatsby and Nick contrast in another fashion, and that is that Gatsby believes that if he works hard enough he can relive the past, and erase the past five years of Daisy's life with Tom; Nick on the other hand has, for his infinite amount of hope, the voice of truth that the past is past and only the present and future can be lived in.
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Throughout the novel Nick acts more as an observer than a protagonist, this gives the reader a clear view of events, where the only time he would seem unreliable is after he becomes inebriated early in the novel. As we see events unfold before Nick’s eyes we start by seeing Gatsby as an imposing figure and one who requires a vast amount of respect. As the novel progresses we then see that Gatsby is an obsessed man, and this obsession has lead to some interesting choices, and displays such as this Quote, from Gatsby From the same party that was mentioned above: ““Can’t repeat the past?” He cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!” ” (109). This also gives us our fist major difference between Nick and Gatsby, Nick believes that it is impossible to repeat the past, where Gatsby obviously is steadfast to the belief that he can and will repeat the past with Daisy. Nick also differs from Gatsby in that his move to New York was motivated simply to be close to the sock market and so his proximity to Daisy is solely coincidental, where Gatsby’s entire lifestyle has been crafted for the sole purpose of impressing Daisy enough to make her come back to him.
Gatsby, for all of his attempts at winning Daisy over ultimately fails, and only gets one line: “Please, tom! I can’t stand this any more.” (134). The fact that daisy said that which is quoted above to Tom instead of Gatsby shows that it is actually Tom that she loves and both Gatsby and Tom know it, especially when Tom is bold enough to arrange it so that Gatsby is driving Daisy home in his own car. After this the distraught...

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