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Ckatm City

The future is bright is Ckatm City because it is blooming and technology is improving. An example are that buses are able to drive over cars. Its the new and cool place to live .There people buzzing everywhere and the city square is full of life and people. Has a population of 2.5 million people living here. The land is perfect for a huge city , Ckatm the terrain of the city’s area is plains. Its a busy city with new transportation, technology. Come and explore Ckatm City where the city is beautiful and transportation ,technology has improved.


One of the biggest problems in our city is intermodality, how we move residents around. We also have many ways to transport people with : subways,better taxis and improving buses.. We also have lanes for taxis the ways to catch a taxis by standing on the side way and waiting getting around in the city is not an issue at all.

Safety Concerns in our City

Some of the safety problems that we will have in our city is, when cars go under the buses they need to know when they get too close to the buses. They need to move under so that the bus driver can feel at peace. So that he or she does not crash into anybody so we need to put sensors under our buses stronger. So cars have a warning that they’re getting to close to the bus. Driver also has to be aware of the cars around them to keep passengers safe.

We have chosen buses that drives over cars. It comes to a stopping point and you walk up stairs cases and enter the bus. Only 1,200 people can get on the bus at one time. After all the people are on the bus, it moves away from the stairs and starts driving. The bus height is 13.5 feets and 18 feets tall. Also, semis can drive under cars too.


The creativity ideas for a new ways to do things in Ckatm city. Solving problem today are traffic jams by we will solver adding buses that can drive over cars called the “3D Express Coach”. New ways for the roads to run in the city. Buses that can drive over cars help the...

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