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Future Engineer Essay

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Emilia BelmonteBUS3-12Money MattersMay 2, 2014My FutureMy future starts off with me graduating from college with a masters degree for electrical engineering and in business administration. I see myself with no kids of my own but maybe adopting a child. Also having a marriage with someone that I really care and love for by the age of twenty eight years old. I plan on having a close relationship with my siblings and family. Also having a good friendship with my colleagues. Being catholic will remain the same and will not change.One of my biggest values is to always stay humble and help the people that need the help. Also to never forget about the people that helped me get to where I am at now and by that I mean to not forget about where I came from and who helped me become the person that I will become. That is one of my biggest values that I see and I will always follow with it because I have seen people get famous and just forget where they came from and who helped them get to where they are at now and I do not like that.At the age of twenty two years old, I want to be walking down the stage with both my degrees and getting my diplomas in electrical engineering and business administration. My first goal that I want to accomplish after I graduate is to first find a job that goes with my career of electrical engineering. The beginning of my pay should be about thirty four dollars an hour that should be until I learn how the business works. Then once I know how a business of electrical engineering works I want to build my own business that goes along with electrical engineering that way my major and minor both go together. I want to have a successful business that brings money but also help my community with job opportunities.I plan to have this business done no later than thirty years old. So I will have about six years to learn and work on having a successful business. I will be smart about my money I make, I will have a budget every month but it will be enough that I can pay for bills and car payment and still have money to go out when I want, have a stash of money that will have my emergency money in case anything comes up, and also put money in my saving account for when I want to open my business. I will do that until I am ready to open my business. I will always have a budget on my money and the rest will go to my savings and emergency money because you never know what can happen.My other goal is also to have my own house under my name with enough room for when I want to have family they can go over and spend the night and feel comfortable. I want to have completed this goal by the age of twenty-seven years old. My other goal is to buy a Chevy Cruze with a full coverage auto insurance. I also want to have a full coverage for my home and life...

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