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Future Evolution Of Trade Unions. This Essay Address Strategies And Methods In Needed To Support The Continuations Of The Union Industry.

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Running Head: ASSIGNMENT FIVEAssignment FiveAaron McCollOntario CanadaAPA StyleEach generation has; and always will face different and sometimes new challenges. These challenges are often seen as something new, something which no generation has ever had to face: Yet with careful consideration, theses challenges can be understood in comparison to challenges faced by earlier generations: Albeit, although each and every new challenge has unique qualities, there is often some commonality to be found in history: For example, there were, "three waves of major changes in the organization of work: after 1840, after 1940, and after 1975," (Heron, 1996, xiv). Beginning with craft unions, and later effected by war, the above time lines were periods of economic transformation. Undoubtedly, unionism in Canada has been able to evolve with these economic transformations of the past, and so unionism must continue its evolution if we are to remain North America's strongest unionized nation.Therefore, we must firstly consider what it is that we must evolve with. It is not only the economic climate which we must consider, but also societal values. In order for unionism to achieve a set of common goals, there must be some unification as to what these goals are! Secondly, we must endeavor to clearly identify not only today's obstacles and challenges, but also challenges and obstacles of the future. In fact, the greater the understanding and articulation of these goals and their obstacles, the greater the probability is, that we, as a nation, will someday turn these obstacles into defeated memories, and our goals into reality. Lowe explains what I believe is the first, yet, most important step in coming to this unified consensus which we spoke about above. Lowe writes,What we need are public discussions about the quality of work: how to improve it; the benefits of such reform for workers and employers alike; and how workers, employers, unions and professional associations, government, and other organizations with a stake in the future of work could jointly develop action plans," (Lowe, 2000, 172):Admittedly it has, and will continue to be a relentlessly exhausting battle for unionism to develop with the evolving challenges it faces. Yet, unionism has and is recognizing these challenges. One of the greatest challenges facing unionism, not only in Canada, but in all of unionism itself is that posed by globalization. People around the globe are more connected to each other than ever before. Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are progressively more available in all parts of the world. International travel is more common. International communication is commonplace. This phenomenon has been titled globalization. The Era of Globalization is fast becoming the preferred term for describing the current...

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