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Future For Kids Essay

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______________________________________________________________________TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE_______________________________________________________________________1. Future For Kids (F4K) - Objectives & Problems 12. Strategy - Three-Prong approach 1internal - Organizational restructure 2maintaining current contacts& Building new ones 22.2.1 Tripartite - GimmeAJob, Apple, F4K 32.3 Revenue model - financing pilot Project 32.3.1 SEMINARS 43. MARKETING PILOT PROJECT 44. FOLLOW UP ON PILOT PROJECT 55. CONCLUSION 5APPENDIXES 6Future For Kids (F4K) - Objectives & ProblemsThe objective of F4K is essentially to be the cauldron in which students can dip their hands into and land themselves a better future with respect to their careers. The personification of the butterfly and the golf ball clearly illustrates the various services offered by F4K that links both the clients, in this case the students, parents and teachers, with the various options that students can pursue. The key to the success of such a service, as envisioned by F4K, is that it wishes for every possible body that is capable of adding value to the career of the students to be a partner with its entity.In consideration of F4K's resource status, it is clear that the successful establishment of its business will highly depend on its ability to fill its resource gaps. Money and appropriate IT skills by the right kind of people with similar motivations as F4K are the crucial factors that will kick start the whole operations. Having a well furnished office would also add to the efficiency of functioning and performing as the business reaches. Since a lot of time and effort in gathering contacts and conceptualizing the product have gone in, it is highly desirable that F4K continues in its pursuit for better offers and to stick to its goal of starting up a successful business. In addition, there is clearly a high demand for such an integrated service as F4K. It is indeed possible to pull in the right resources together with a change in procurement strategy. Therefore, it is imperative that F4K does not give up on seeing the business come alive.Strategy - Three-Prong approachDeLion proposes a three pronged strategy to overcome the hindrances to this start-up:Internally ( Restructure the OrganizationGarner Partners ( Tripartite between Apple, F4K & GimmeAJob (GAJ)Self Financinginternal - Organizational restructureGeoff and Bill reporting to each other raises the question of accountability and impartial critique. Both of these are important in progress and professionalism. A proper hierarchy should therefore be incorporated to facilitate functions' definition and quality control. The culture could promote a flat system where everyone could approach anyone for anything. Nevertheless tasks should be properly defined, completed and assessed.Both competency and success rates of each task will increase with such a structure in place. Everyone's deliverables will be clearly spelled and...

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