Future Industries Of The Bahamas:Land Of Sand,Sun & Sea

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The Bahamian government has spent a grand amount of 3,103,804,144 (Archives, 2008) alone for the year of 2007 on imports, the majority of which was spent in the United States of America. These imports included items such as “Snapper fillets fresh and chilled, Stone crab claws frozen, conch live (strombus), mango trees, and many more.” A large sum of these imported items, found in the Bahamas, yet imported from foreign lands, could have more efficiently been gathered with a simple investment in fellow Bahamian fishermen. The government of the Bahamas has been focused on the tourism industry for what seems like forever. The Hotel and Steam Ship Service Act of 1898 opened the doors to the world; since then the Bahamas has received countless visitors who have come to grace our shores and indulge in our sun’s rays. “Tourism is plantation” written by Dr. Ian Strachan, is a book pursues the idea that tourism is in actuality a civilized version of slavery, where the workers of this industry are slaves beholden to their masters, the paying visitors of the Bahamas. The Bahamas and its government heavily depend on tourism. They are so dependent that it could be detrimental to the livelihood of many. The Bahamas currently owes a sum of $17.56 billion (Agency, 2013) to various investors, from whom they have borrowed. The Bahamian government has invested in the foreign rather than in its own, i.e. the citizens of the Bahamas and this habit has left the Bahamas with an unsure future. Hence, the Bahamas should set its sights on other possible forms of resource that could be beneficial not only to the Bahamian government, but also to the Bahamian people as well.
Tourism has always been the Bahamas' primary source of income, the Bahamian government has attempted for change in the past; however, this industry has remained first. Tourism, the source of ‘bread and butter’ to many has of late become a heavily unstable industry simply because of crime and recession. This source of bread and butter is the only real source of financial wellness. However, industries both small and large should have a chance to shine. The land of sun, sand and sea should not just be a place where one creates the illusion of a paradise for “the wealthy of an industrial society who look for diversions when tired of work...” (Strachan, 2003). An article entitled “Tourism recovery plan may not be so simple” (Hartnell, 2008) discusses the danger faced when the Bahamas’ over reliance on nearly caused an economic collapse simply because of the dependence on the United States tourist influx. As a result, the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism aimed to target the Canadian and the European market, which is already the focus of other Caribbean destination, the challenge is that these tourist of the market have already (Strachan, 2003)(Hartnell, 2008)settled for other Caribbean destinations due the Bahamas' $1:$1 peg with the US (Hartnell, 2008).
The Bahamas has many opportunities to assess and change the...

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