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Future Involvement In Foreign Affairs Essay

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good long paper, has works cited, and works cited summary -Future Involvement in Foreign AffairsSince the United States is one of the last remaining super powers of the world, wehave the obligation to maintain and support good relations with the smaller and weakernations throughout the world. We should take full advantage of this authority in severaldifferent ways. First the U.S. must focus on investing and trading with those nations whohave yet to become economic powers; second, we must implement a consistent foreignpolicy towards the Middle Eastern nations: third, the United States needs to respect theattempts and results of the democratization and religious revivals in the Middle East andLatin America, while taking a passive role in letting the a Western type of democracy takeits course: and forth, the U.S. must ease and downplay its conflict with those civilizationswho dislike the 'Western people' and their way of life.Obviously, foreign investment is necessary for the future of developing othernations as well as our own. There must be an emphasis on foreign investment and trade,otherwise the third world nations will continue to fall behind economically, technologically,and domestically, which could lead to an economic downfall for the U.S. as well. Thequestion then arises as to what the United States must do in order to have large tradeagreements with other countries other than Japan and Mexico. In order for the U.S. toplay a more active role in the economic and political development of many of thesedeveloping nations, it must first accept a different philosophy than its current one. First, itis imperative for the United States to play a similar role in Latin America to the one Japanhas played with many of the developing nations in East Asia. The U.S. neighbors LatinAmerica, and if it wants to play the role of big brother, it must accept the responsibility.Japan has invested, traded, and been a guide for many of it's neighboring countries in EastAsia, making them grow politically and economically while also profiting economicallyitself (Japan Remains 1996). The U.S. must realize that the economies of Latin AmericanNations will play an important part in the future of our own economy, and that it mustbegin to lead, invest, and aid not just Mexico, but countries such as Peru, Argentina,Bolivia, and Columbia into the twenty first century. The mainstay in American foreignpolicy has always been to promote and instill democracy. However, in order to do this in aforeign nation, the U.S. must be able to first establish a viable economic relationship andsystem within the desired nations. We should not expect or want a nation to switch from atotal authoritarian government to a market economy; doing so would be a disaster. Theformer Soviet Union is a notable example of this philosophy. Instead, the U.S. has to bewilling to allow developing to nations invest in U.S. markets before we invest in theirs. Inreturn, a viable export / import system will be...

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