Future Is Upon Us Wgu C212 Marketing Task 2

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The Future is Upon Us
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The information listed below details the Civics Media Optimizer and the Salvage Sports Companies and their products. This is an overall look into the premier and comprehensive marketing plan for both products.

The Future Is Upon Us

There is no doubt that technology is shaping who we are as people and what we can accomplish as a collective species. However, what the technology consists of and how we utilize it will decipher the course of our future. Fortunately, as we move into the digital age, we can experience instantaneous, automated and sustainable mediums of conducting business. The two companies that will be described below are hypothetical. However, this choice was strategically implemented to help introduce creativity for the world of tomorrow. Each company that will be described contains the mandatory requirements for the assignment. This will guarantee a completely unique and innovative outlook on the overall task at hand and the potential for companies of the future.
The Civics Media Optimizer is quite literally the future of relatable advertising for a specific individual customer or demographic based on city, county, region, or state. It will indefinitely, and has already begun transforming the way a multitude of small companies has been channeling their products and services to particular consumers. There have been many forms of suggested marketing strategies for selling this product and service to future potential customers. Many of which have already begun investing into further research, many others have quite simply bought the prototypes, and are already beginning to realize the highly beneficial potential of this product. Just like any innovative piece of 21st century digital technology, there are always specific marketing strategies, challenges, and solutions that will either ensure the success or demise of the product.
Therefore, we introduce the ideal marketing strategy for the Civics Media Optimizer; this entails the complete utilization of social media and digital networking. The ability to instantly and effectively share ideas, beliefs, values, information, and knowledge has quite literally changed the way human beings perceive one another. This 21st century achievement has quite literally interconnected our species and world in ways never thought before in any other time in human history.
Not only has this technological triumph led to progressive social evolution, but also the spread of knowledge and information. Therefore, providing all people with ideologies that have most likely benefited us. Which leads me to the marketing strategy of the Civics Media Optimizer, by utilizing the constructive and virtually free functions of social media and digital networking, the Civics Media Optimizer has the potential to be promoted, reviewed, and shared by millions of people around the world. It’s like sending millions of brochures around the world, with the click of...

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