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Future Of Cars Essay

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Transportation is the basis of all evolution. Everyone and everything moves in order to get somewhere else. People began with ordinary walking and running, constantly developing new methods of transportation. Cars became more popular than horses in the mid 19th century and from that point on are continually more popular. Gasoline has been used as the primary fuel for the larger part of the history of automobiles. The supply of petroleum is running out, as more and more people use it for automobiles. There are several possibilities of future fuels. They use what is plentiful in the world and isn't harmful to the environment. Ethanol fuel is renewable which can be obtained through various means. A very likely future fuel is hydrogen. A reverse electrolysis system is used to convert water into the useful hydrogen. While hydrogen has dangerous qualities, it is actually safer than gasoline. It takes more pressure to combust; it burns at a lower temperature than that which burns skin. It can be safely stored in special tanks, either at the bottom of the car or in the reservoir. It is also possible to produce it on-site in fueling station. Presently, there are ways of using air as an energy source. Compressed air currently gives 200 miles on one tank; three tanks are found on some models. In the future, pressurizers could be found on the car, a circular effect would occur.The greatest change that I see that has occurred in the past concerns transportation. At present time methods of transportation are generous. I feel that in the near future, cars will be based on current models, but with many changes. Firstly, the fueling method has to change. Presently, diesel fuel and oil are used. Oil seemed abundant some time ago, however now the supply is dwindling and will clearly run out soon. A change is required to help the environment as well as individuals. An alternative to conventional fuel is ethanol. It is already possible to use the corn based product as fuel through specialized engines and processing units in cars. Very soon it would be possible to incorporate ethanol technology with current day fuels. Another viable alternative energy source is hydrogen. Cars enabled with the technology could eventually be produced that use sustainable energy resources and water. "The resulting hydrogen could...

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