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Future Of Health Care Essay

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There was great progress between the years of 2000 to 2010 in medical care. Technology and research continues to improve. The health care system is burden with constant cost that continues to grow as well as poor health. When it comes to health our ranking against other nations is very low, although we spend lots of money on health care. Hopefully with the next decade we will be able to reverse the negative trend of Americans not being able to receive health care or the best of care. There are advances in medical technology that continues and treatment for diseases and chronic diseases will benefit from these continued advances in technology. New technology includes genomics, where ...view middle of the document...

D., 2009, p.1).
Because the internet has so much to offer Healthcare in the way of communication it is very important to continuously utilize the tools that can be used for patient information today and in the future, for technology using the internet will only continue to get better. Utilizing the internet for patient specific information, is very important for this information can be communicated on a global scale in an immediate manner. What this means is Americans that are being treated in London for instance, will be able to receive relevant information from the patients’ healthcare provider in the United States right away. The physician, hospital, etc., will have information immediately instead of having to wait for it to arrive days or weeks later.
The internet being an amazing form of electronic communication makes it better for the patient(s) and the physicians, because the patient may not know if they are allergic to something, or may not know what types of medication that he or she may be on and this is some of the types of information the physician in London would need to have right away.
Distance Delivery/Telehealth
Distance delivery being available to individuals will help to expand the scope as well as the scale of the healthcare treatment that is available to them. It will be possible for individuals that live long distance away from healthcare facilities to receive the treatment that they need for distance delivery will be a big impact, affording individuals the tools they need for long distance healthcare. Computerized systems and telecommunications technology will make it possible for nurses, physicians and other healthcare facilities to monitor the patient’s healthcare, whom are located several miles away from the facility.
There are other devices like web cams that will make it possible for nurses, doctors, and other staff members to view the individual patient or patients that are using the healthcare computerized devices. These devices can provide real-time updates of vital signs, for example the patient’s blood pressure. Distance delivery can be looked at as “telemedicine”, telemedicine it is about connecting with doctors that are in areas where they need to consult with other doctors that are far away. With Telehealth doctors have the ability to connect remotely with patients to conduct remote visits and monitor the patient’s recovery, this removes any barriers that are due to healthcare delivery (Roney, 2012, p. 1).
Telemedicine has been used by the healthcare industry for over forty years, however, the advancement in technology has caused hospitals, physicians, and most healthcare organizations to adopt this technology that they have welcomed with open arms to telehealth. Telehealth offers us three trends in the future and they are, continued increase in government funding, practice management systems, and growth in consumer demand. Telehealth is basically technology that allows patients and healthcare providers to...

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