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Future Of Islam Essay

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The Future of Islam

When first approached with the question “what the future of Islam is?” my mind raced around many places and had lots of different thoughts. I had no clue what the future of this religion would be I thought there are people for the American Gov. who are being payed a lot of money to figure this out and I don’t think they even know. So I decided to do research to figure out what my opinion on this matter was.

I found that there could be different futures for different places, like Islam in the United States and Islam in the Middle East. I found that in the pre 9/11 days Muslims were a proud people and one of America’s largest populations. Post 9/11 there was a lot of ignorance and hatred towards Muslim people. Most Americans did not know the difference between a law abiding Muslim and one of the terrorists who attacked our country. Soon most Americans were educated in this matter and learned about the religion, and how a Muslims interpretation of the Koran affected what kind of Muslim they were and how they viewed the western civilization. They found that most Muslims are in fact great people and are no threat to our society. They also learned about the radical Muslims that interpret the Koran as saying that they should defend by all means anyone who is a threat to there religion (The United States and the Western World ). I think in America Islam has a bright future where one can practice there religion in peace and where the population understands and respects there religion. However the future of Islam in the Middle East is a totally different story.

In the Middle East the population of Muslims is a lot higher and makes up...

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