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The world is changing every day. Technology is developing every day also. People create new models and improve previous ones. The bulb invented by Thomas Edison has been improved many times. Recently, we can experience an efficient new technology, the LED (Light Emitting Diodes), an electronic method of producing light. LED lights are small, colored lights available in any electrical store. We can also find white LED light bulbs, which we can use as regular bulbs in our homes. Changing old bulbs for LED will provide some dazzling features, safety, and the possibility of saving a lot of money.
First, the LED lights have a wide range of dazzling features; for instance, they can serve as decoration. Some of them are color-changeable bulbs: one bulb can not only shine in a pure white color, but a broad range of colors such as: blue, violet, red, or green. Jeff Hecht, contributing editor emphasizes effects of changeable bulbs by giving an example of restaurants. They can shift cool blue lights for lunches and warm, red tones for evening events. In addition, LED lights are produced in a variety of styles. We can distinguish lights for lamps, chandeliers, refrigerators, or kitchen cabinets. LED lights contain often modern features, such as they are dimmable. Some brands produce special remotes to control dimming. For instance, by being able to adjust the brightness of the light can be easier to wake up in the morning. On the other hand, people can make the light brighter, so it can provide more energy during the day in windowless rooms. LED can act as pulse, strobe, or flash lights as well. Moreover, some brands made another huge step into the future. They created cell phone application, which give the opportunity to manage lights in the house. This application allows one to turn on or off all lights or program a schedule, which includes dimming level of lights.
Furthermore, LED lights are safer than our old, regular bulbs. The new, adaptable bulbs are made from strong material, so they are almost impossible to shatter. However, when it happens, the special coat prevents flying shards. Incandescent bulbs contain dangerous chemicals inside, which make not safety environment in case of accident. In addition, the glass of the LED lights never gets hot because of its heat management features. These features are important for our protection because we know that accidents happened. For example, little children are...

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