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Future Of Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a plant that is consider one of the many illegal sustains. Marijuana is a plant that clams to make people addicted like other drugs like meth, cocaine, and other harmful sustains. Marijuana has been refer as pot, grass, reefer, weed, herb, mary jane, or mj by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). (34) When mentioning of this plant, it cause sirs among the public about the dangerous use of the plant. The news media portal marijuana as harmful plants that changes people for the worst. For the past years, states has proposal to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. While other states has taken the actions of making the plant completely legal. With the change of the laws changing, marijuana has been the subject of debate if marijuana should be legalize or not. The United State people are divided from the supportive uses of marijuana uses, while other are against the use of marijuana. For example, nowadays most young people are in the favor of marijuana use for either the benefits or the fact that they have easy access of the drug. By a group of young people that are supportive with the legalization of an illegal drug, there a sign of support that U.S citizens are in favor of legalizing of marijuana. While the older generation, who are oppose with the use of marijuana, shows disagreement of marijuana use due of believing that it will bring more harm than good in their society. Whatever the case might be, the supporters are in favor of legalizing the plant, while the oppose people are not interested of legalizing it. Since some states are election for the legalization of medical marijuana uses, it recommend to the public that they should vote on the legalization of medical marijuana uses. Not only would it led to medical treatment of marijuana uses, but open doors to other opportunity as well. Such as from the economic grow to both government and private businesses to the decriminalization of marijuana use. It might have down side of the use of marijuana, but it can be beneficial to help lead to a future of marijuana use in the United States.
Throughout the years, marijuana play a major role in parts of the world. It had play a role of healing patients. According to Clare Wilson, a scientist, had support this fact by stating, “The plant is used in traditional medicine all over the world to relieve pain and muscle spasms.” (64) Not only the earliest people know the existent of the plant, but also made use of the plant as well. If the earliest people were comfortable of using marijuana as a medical use, then it shouldn’t be illegal to begin with. The earliest people didn’t have to rely on any medication pills since all they needed was just marijuana to make them feel a lot better. Marijuana became dub as an illegal pant by congress in 1937, called the Marihuana Tax Act, which stop the use of marijuana as a commercial use. (Katel 534) Ever since the act was passed, it was impossible for people to research...

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