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Future Perfect Essay

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The United States, a machine, ran by the representatives we put into power to reign over our lands. We are blessed to have, in this great country, the right to vote; which maybe the most crucial right to an U.S. citizen. Voting expresses the voice of the people; yet voter turnout has been in record lows in the twenty-first century. So what do representatives have to base their actions with? Now the question lies, who is really being represented, the masses or a collected few? Who are we to blame the people we put into power if it is us who aren’t doing our job, but there is a solution this this grave problem. With mandatory voting, the United States can progress through the hardships of ...view middle of the document...

Let’s bring back responsibility back to the voters and let’s stop the blame game we play with our elected leaders! Next time around, the voters will go research and vote more responsibility so they receive the same bad results twice.
Who are we to force people to do something in the United States, aren’t we the land of the free? People are turned off with the idea of the government forcing people to do something, and will try to claim it’s American ideals for freedom but isn’t the government already doing that? It really confuses me when people say that it isn’t American to be forced into doing something, yet I don’t remember programs like social security, income taxes, and workers compensation being an option. If those programs are viewed as a crucial things in our society, why isn’t voting viewed the same? Voting is equally if not more important than the programs mention before because without voting, how does the government know what is the best interest of the people if the people don’t even have interest in the government itself? News flash; nobody can read minds, so express yourself and go vote!
Now another problem lies with mandatory voting. What if my religion doesn’t believe in voting or what if I am disabled and can’t vote on my own? Disabled people shall and don’t get discriminated when it comes to voting, as assistance is provided to them. If a disabled person goes to the polls, they can request for someone to assist them in the voting process so that takes care of that issue but what about religious members of our society? Many religious affiliations do not believe in voting such as the Jehovah’s Witness, so what do they do? I am a strong believer in faith in the daily life of the everyday person but I see no reason why people in certain religions be excused from voting. If we want the country to...

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