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The young woman walked up on the stage dressed in white. She looked at the audience in fear. As she made her way towards the microphone to make her speech, she took deep, steady breaths. Before she began to speak, many thoughts filled her head. She finally made it to graduation! Graduation is the next step towards adulthood. She thought back to her College and Career Readiness class. She learned everything she could to help her be successful in the real world. Who is this young woman? That young woman is me.
Next year is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I know exactly what I am going to do and how I am going to do it. The steps I need to take will not be easy though. I plan on ...view middle of the document...

I plan on doing work study as long as I am attending college. This will allow me to pay off my student loans a little quicker than if I did not do work study. I also plan on working at the Heath City Water Park for the third year in a row as a lifeguard. I will save the money I earn form this job to help pay for textbooks and other resources for college. I may use Amazon to save money on textbooks and supplies too.
Another obstacle I may anticipate is with my source of transportation. The car I have now has been in and out of the shop several times since I bought it in January of this year. My car is like an elderly person. It needs to be treated with some tenderly loving care if I want it to last. I fear that it will break down on me. If that happens, my father will let me drive his car until I can afford to buy another one. We will have to share the vehicle because he uses it to drive to work. In order to get the money quickly, I may have to work more than one job.
After I graduate college with my Bachelor’s Degree in pharmaceutical sciences, I will then do my best to get a career as a pharmacist at Licking Memorial Hospital. My father works...

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