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Future Prospects For Nanotechnology In Aviation

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Scientific Literacy is the ability to grasp scientific concepts for personal decision making. This project will demonstrate an understanding of scientific knowledge achieved through ERAU Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree program. Nanotechnology plays by a unique set of rules in some forms that other materials under the same stressors do not. With that being said, traditional laws may not always be applicable to certain areas of nanotechnology. Nanotoxicology will be covered in order to elaborate on the aspect of possible hazards of nanomaterials and nanocomposites as well as the mechanics behind these materials will be explored. Meteorology will play a role in determining the ...view middle of the document...

Sources will come from research polls conducted on the public’s perception of nanotechnology and the GAO on environmental and health concerns in nanotechnology that address the possibility of the government implementing rules and regulations that are currently absent as well as eradicate notions of a toxic epidemic.
Lifelong Personal Growth
“The student will be able to demonstrate the skills needed to enrich the quality of life through activities, which enhance and promote lifetime learning” (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2014)
Life long personal growth is a process of gaining knowledge through a variety of means and with a profound obligation, turning that knowledge into a long term investment. Education is a high commodity in the world of business. The courses undertaken at ERAU have prepared the researcher for more than a passion for flight but a better understanding of the aviation industry as a whole. Aviation has always been a part of the researcher’s life and this project will give the researcher the opportunity to grasp the possibilities of nanotechnology in the aviation industry and future prospects. Expectations for this project is for the audience and the researcher to become more aware of how innovative nanotechnology in the aviation industry has become and its infinite possibilities. To assist in promoting this awareness, the researcher will reference aviation publications highlighting the success and challenges of this technology. An exploration will be conducted of the researcher...

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