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Running head: FUTURE TRENDS IN COMPUTER SYSTEMSFuture Trends in Computer SystemsDon CarterGrand Canyon UniversityFuture Trends in Computer SystemsIntroduction: It is no secret that trends and developments regarding computer systems move at an incredible pace. It seems that every couple of years there is new groundbreaking technology and software changes. It was not that long ago that having a hard drive capable of storing 20 GB was state of the art. Now anything less than 100GB is obsolete. Due to the fast pace of changes I will attempt to identify future trends instead of the current developments. I will focus on the input, output and storage devices of computer systems.Input devices are items which are used to input data into a computer. Some items such as keyboards remain constant with little changes. Until recently pointing devices or mice have remained constant. Several years ago the roller ball type mouse was upgraded to a laser sensor device. The newest change for this device is being introduced into the marketplace by Logitech. The new sensor allows you to use your mouse on almost any type of smooth object including glass surfaces which were not compatible with the standard laser sensors. (CNET, 2010)Although voice to text technology has been around for a few years, the future of this technology is developing very quickly. In the very near future the software for this technology will allow us to use voice to text with little to no spelling errors. It will also include voice command capability while working on voice...

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1019 words - 4 pages Attacks: Methods, Tools and Future Directions. Computer Journal, 57(4), 537-556.Crosman, P. (2014).DDoS Attacks Are Still Happening-and Getting Bigger. AmericanBanker, (116).Heron, S. (2010). Denial of service: motivations and trends. Network Security,201010-12Houle, Kevin, and George Weaver. "Trends in Denial of Service AttackTechnology." Trends in Denial of Service Attack Technology. Software Engineering Institute, 01 Oct. 2001. Web. 17 Nov. 2014

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