FWA 4 Essay

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I remember a long time ago, my father introduced me to mathematics. He taught me a lot of things to help me solve more complex equations. One of these things was what (a+b)2 was. This helps solve complex equations like the quadratic equation, which is ax2 + bx + c. I remember getting very frustrated because I couldn't derive the quadratic equation. It seemed like whatever way I tried to go, there was always a brick wall in front. At one point, my father told me how to solve it. Oh, how simple the solution to the problem seemed when he told me! Basically, it used the property that (a+b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2 to make x isolated in the quadratic equation. I was so ready to try another problem, and this time, actually solve it on my own. I was so interested that sometimes, in my free time, I would look for problems online, searching for more challenges.
Sometimes, I found problems that seemed impossible. I could have searched up the solution to them, but I just skipped them most of the time. As the unsolved problems stacked up, I became more and more curious as to how to solve them. I asked my father for some help, and he helped me solve so many problems, but I left some to work on by myself. Some I finished at some point in time, some are still unfinished and worked on. Some I found are actually unsolved by anyone to this day! Math became my best subject, and my favorite subject. I am usually getting above a 95 on my math tests in school, making everyone think I am a genius. The funny thing is, while I am walking in the hallways, at least every two minutes or so, someone says, “Hi, Kenny.” when I have absolutely no idea who the person saying “hi” is.
My father introduced me to computers so I could solve some problems using an algorithm he lets me create. Again, he only told me the necessities of programming and let me do there searching by myself. The process of creating a program was annoying. I think that the debugging part of making a program is very annoying, though, because one simple little mistake can be so hard to find. Also, some programming languages are just not capable at doing some things. For example, the programming language I usually use is C, and it can't draw lines or...

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