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Fwd And Rwd: Why A Rwd Is Better

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The battle between FWD and RWD last for 50 years. I’m writing this essay to prove that the RWD is the correct layout for 2WD vehicles. Customers are confused by the matter of which wheels actually drive the vehicle, and which is best for their particular needs. There are four main drive forms: front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD), four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD). Each has its advantages, and no single layout is best for all situations. Normally, sedan are based on the FWD and the RWD, the other two are used for SUV and trucks.
The issue of whether customers should buy FWD and RWD cars is complex and controversial. Different people hold different ideas due to their drive experience and consumers attitudes. On one hand, lots of people believe that only RWD cars represent Luxury and high-performance. On the other hand, the car made on FWD are much cheaper and popular. However, most of customers are blind and ignorant on it. Many of them don’t even know the automobile layout of their sedan after use it for decades.
From the literal meaning, with RWD, the rear wheels drive the vehicle. RWD appear with the invention of automobiles. Before 1950s the RWD are the most common way for cars, like the well-known VW Beetle and Ford Model T. Thereafter with popularizing of FWD and 4WD, the proportion of RWD vehicles decreased dramatically. Currently, only trucks, sports cars and luxury cars are still based on RWD. FWD, which means front wheels drive, are more popular now because it’s cheaper than RWD.
Although both of the ways have couple of pros and cons, I will definitely pick RWD. There is no doubt that luxury and top grade cars like Mercedes-Benzes and BMW who are experienced in automobile industry will choose RWD without any reasons.
Firstly, RWD can be more powerful and accelerate faster than FWD. Logically speaking, 260-300 horsepower is the limit of FWD cars. Meanwhile, hundreds of RWD cars have engines over 550hp. In fact, there is no engine in this world the RWD cars cannot use. It’s directly makes the RWD cars can reach a significant speed and accelerate quite fast. The reason why there is almost no engine limit for RWD cars is complicated. Due to the disadvantage of differentials, which in charge of allocate the power on wheels, the force assigned to the front wheels are uneven on FWD cars. Because, the two wheels in the front are shaky and they both want to gain more power. As a result, the steering wheel is going to shake seriously with the quickly accelerate. Unlike FWD vehicles, the turning system and driving system are separately on RWD cars. So they won’t influence each other in high speed. Then, the cars usually tilt backwards when starting. It can be easily proved by drag race, which the front wheels leave the ground at first seconds of start. For FWD, the driving wheel that in the front will lose the grip and begin to skid. That’s the least things the driver want to see, too dangerous. In contrast, the grip on...

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