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Basketball Forever Administrator ApplicationName: Ethan BursteinBirthday: 6/21/97Education: Freshmen (highschool)Experience: I've been playing and watching my whole life, and I was on my high school freshmen team this yearFavorite Team: (include NBA teams, Euro league teams, international teams, and Division 1 college teams)I'm a HUGE Heat fan, and I despise the Celtics. I live in CT so I'm also a pretty big Uconn fan and go to their games alotWhy are they your favorite team? How long have you been a fan of said team?Well, it's actually a pretty long story why I became a Heat fan. When I was younger my dad would always give me trivia questions and sort of just eased me into liking LeBron. I used to be a Cavs fan and when he signed with the Heat I was legit in tears. I'm not a bandwagon though and I love the heat. So, I've liked them ever since LeBron was there.How often do you think you'll be able to post?I usually spend a good amount of time on Facebook so I'll be very open to posting. I'll post a good amount every day without it becoming excessive.What would you be able to bring to the page we don't already have?Well, I know A LOT about all time NBA history, and teams. I'm a big time fantasy basketball player. I watch almost every game every night so I can help contribute to the game updating. I love just talking about the game. I talk with my dad and Grandpa and friends about thinking, but fun questions. EX) best duo of all time? Best coach of all time? Who would you take in a 2 on 2 game? Out of anyone in history, who would you want to take the last shot?Are you good with technology? Such as creating a website or starting a podcast? That is what we're primarily looking for.I take Graphics in school, which is primarily on the computer. So yes, I would start podcasts and debate with you guys.How often can you promote (get us likes)? At what rate, do you promote?So far, I've already gotten about 65 likes? I'm a huge fan of your page (admin or not) and I love to spread the joy it gives to me! I will promote as much as I can! PS. Just got another likeYOU MUST PROMOTE RAPIDLY IF...

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H. H. Holmes Essay

949 words - 4 pages University of Michigan Medical School. Here he stole corpses for experimental purposes as well as for monetary gains. Using the corpses, Holmes would make false insurance claims and collect the money. Moving to Chicago in 1886, Holmes found work in a pharmacy where he instated his now infamous pseudonym, Dr. Henry H. Holmes. Eventually taking over the place of business for unclear reasons, Holmes built the three story building now known as the “Murder

Menacing Monsters in "The Sea Raiders" by H. G. Wells

918 words - 4 pages Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling, and Mary Shelly's Frankenstein all have some sort of monster intertwined within their plots. A short story not listed on the syllabus that could very well fit the "monster" criteria for English 23 is "The Sea Raiders" by H. G. Wells. The common definition of a monster is "an imaginary or legendary creature...that combines parts from various animal or human forms" or "a creature having a strange or frightening

The Language in The Red Room by H G Wells and The Signalman by Charles Dickens

911 words - 4 pages The Language in The Red Room by H G Wells and The Signalman by Charles Dickens Throughout, The Signalman has suspense and the tension is gripping, as the author, Dickens, has used exceedingly good description in the language and the setting is just perfect. Dickens had an advantage when writing this story as there were similarities between himself and some of the characters; since he had been involved in a train

The Signalman by Charles Dickens and The Red Room by H G Wells

2245 words - 9 pages The Signalman by Charles Dickens The Red Room by H G Wells - Compare these two stories, commenting upon 1. The settings 2. The narrators 3. The other characters 4. The endings 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens 'The Red Room' by H G Wells Question: Compare these two stories, commenting upon 1. The settings 2. The narrators 3. The other characters 4. The endings. (Pay attention to historical and literary context). Charles

H&H 2 assignment 1

1269 words - 6 pages . College of Nurses. (2009). Practice Standard: Ethics. College of Nurses. Toronto Faigley, L., Graves, R., & Graves, H. (2006). The brief Penguin handbook (2nd ed.). New York: Pearson/Longman. Haahr, A., Kirkevold, M., Hall, E. O.C., Ostergaard, K. (2011). Living with advanced Parkinson’s disease: a constant struggle with unpredictability. Journal of Advanced Nursing 67(2), 408–417. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2010.05459. Huether, S. E., & McCance, K. L. (2008). The Neurologic System. Understanding Pathophysiology (4th ed., pp. 361-362). St. Louis, Mo.: Mosby/Elsevier. Potter, P. A., & Perry, A. G. (2001). Fundamentals of nursing (5th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby.

Fear in H. G. Wells' "The Red Room" and the "Red-room Episode" in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

546 words - 2 pages Both H. G. Wells and Charlotte Bronte draw upon the Gothic tradition to create an atmosphere of fear in their books, but this is handled in different ways although with some similarities. The Gothic tradition was believed to have started in 1764, however these novels were written outside the Gothic period, with Charlotte Bronte publishing her book in 1847, and H. G. Wells publishing his in 1896, over one hundred years later than the first Gothic

H.323 Protocol

505 words - 2 pages (Real-time Transport Protocol) for receiving and sending multimedia information between any two entities. Codec’s used in H.323 protocols are – • Video Codec – H.261, H.263, H.264. • Text Codec – T.140. • Audio Codec – G.711, G.729, G.723.1, G.726, G.722, G.728, Speex. H.323 system describes several network elements or Architecture of H.323 protocol – • Terminal – It is a most fundamental element in H.323 System. It is an endpoint in

Tin h?c

5530 words - 22 pages ập hiệu ứng Motion Path cho chú khủng long con di chuyển ngang qua slide. Bạn hãy di chuyển hình ra phía góc dưới bên phải ở ngoài phạm vi của slide.3. Chọn hình chú khủng long và vào ngăn Animations, nhóm Animation, chọn Animation Styles và chọn Custom

George H W Bush

1117 words - 5 pages George H. W. Bush became the 41st president of the United States of America on January 20, 1989 by succeeding Ronald Reagan. He promised to American that there will be no new taxes. In his Inaugural Address he pledged in "a moment rich with promise" to use American strength as "a force for good." During his presidency he past many bill such as Clean air act which focused on the things reducing urban smog, and curbing acid rain. The other act

D. H. Lawrence

3106 words - 12 pages     It is a divided issue whether D. H. Lawrence is to be considered a friend or a foe to the feminist movement. On one hand, he advocates an egalitarian man-woman relationship, on the other, his notion of equality seems rather subject to qualification. His reference to the ideal monogamous partnership as "phallic marriage" (Spilka 7) is certainly a cue that must be taken up. Why is marriage "phallic" unless the phallus is privileged in

Keith H. Basso

2257 words - 9 pages Keith H. Basso It is rare to find a book that is as informative as a textbook but reads as easy as a short story. But Keith H. Basso is successful in creating an interesting ethnography about the Western Apache culture by using two usually overlooked topics, geography and oral history. Geography and the location of places is usually forgotten or seen as just topography, but Basso proves that geography is more than a location. It is the

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1604 words - 6 pages of atomic wars, as well as Chemical and Biological world warfare (H. G. Wells 1). He had very strong beliefs about war and how it plays a colossal role in the end of mankind as we know it. He shares this with us in one of his famous quotes, “If we don't end war, war will end us” (H. G. Wells). Wells attended the London University and Royal college of science, where he got to study biology under biologist Thomas Henry Huxley (H. G. Wells 1

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1132 words - 5 pages In 1913 Guillaume Appolinaire's "Alcools" was published. It marked a watershed in French, indeed world, literature, and is heralded by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as Appolinaire's "poetic masterpiece". The poem featured on this course, 'Hôtels', was included in this highly original, innovative and influential collection. 'Hôtels' combines traditional verse forms with truly modern imagery to great effect, and through this merits its

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859 words - 4 pages H.G. Wells was born September 21, 1866 in Bromley, England as Herbert George Wells. His parents were Sarah and Joseph Wells. Joseph, his father owned a hardware store. Herbert also had two brothers and one sister: Frank, Fred, and Fanny Wells. His parents worried about Herbert’s poor health often. They thought he would die young, like his older sister. At seven years old, Herbert had an accident. They had to watch him more carefully. During

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2158 words - 9 pages When reading novels about time travel, invisibility, and extraterrestrial beings, one would most likely assume that these novels have been written in the modern day. Interestingly, novels about these scientific topics were written by author H. G. Wells in the late 19th century. H. G. Wells is well-known as “a man ahead of his time,” being recognized for writing novels about advanced scientific concepts that had never crossed the minds of