The Physical And Emotional Effects Of Eating Disorders

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In today’s society eating disorders have become very common. It has also become a serious health problem that is vastly growing and becoming a larger problem. Eating disorders may be the result of biological, sociological, psychological, and interpersonal factors. These terrible eating habits may be developed from preoccupations with food and weight, but in some cases it is more severe than this. In some cases eating disorders is a form of compensating for wanted feelings and emotions including acceptance. Unfortunately, these behaviors will cause personal damages to their physical and emotional health including their self-esteem.
Society assumes that only young women suffer from eating disorders, but both males and females of any age suffer from eating disorders. Eating disorders are seen as an abnormal form of eating habits that can affect your health or life. There has been no cause proven for eating disorders, but the concern on weight and body shape play a major role in every aspect of eating disorders. Some eating disorders seen as common include Anorexia nervosa, and Bulimia nervosa. Even though these are seen as common other eating disorders exist such as Rumination Syndrome, and Orthorexia nervosa.
Anorexia nervosa is considered an eating disorder due to a person’s obsession to obtain an unattainable body image. This causes them to starve or either exercise excessively bringing about their own death. The drive to become thinner eventually reflects a secondary concern about control or even fear to one’s body. As the cycle of starvation continues the person feels control even enjoyment toward their body, but as the cycle is prolonged it may become an addiction.
Anorexia is commonly seen in adolescence. This is a crucial time for adolescents because they are cognitively developing and believe that their body image is seen by others causing themselves to pay a vast attention to their image and the unrealistic image given by society or their culture (Rathus, 2010).People undergoing this disorder tend to be approximately 15 percent below the average body weight (McEntarffer, p.174). Unfortunately, it is commonly seen on women than men. I read an article that stated that 95 percent of people experiencing anorexia is female. If you were to observe the professional field for example models, actors, dancers even athletes you would notice their thinness, the body shape they possess making them at a higher risk for eating disorders and an influence to others. Society places norms causing a pressure and demand for individuals causing interpersonal conflicts. Anorexia is very difficult to diagnose due to the fact that individuals tend to deny their eating habits.
By starving the human body will begin to lose weight and by the amount of weight loss the...

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