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Gabrielle Douglas: The Story Of An Olympic Dream

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Yesenia Zepeda
Mr. Hanson
March 17 2014
Eagle Success

Gabrielle Douglas
Gabrielle Douglas was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, December, 31, 1995. Her mothers name was Natalie Hawkins and her fathers name was Timothy Douglas. Natalie is a single mother of four kids and Gabrielle is the youngest of four. They are Arielle Douglas, Johnathan Douglas, and Joyelle Douglas are the names of Gabrielle siblings. Arielle was the one who taught gymnastics to Gabrielle. Gabby caught on to gymnastics pretty quick and was enthusiastic about it. Ever since Gabrielle was young she wanted to compete in the Olympics and so she worked hard to be the best. And so her journey began to being the next best gymnast. She left to Iowa to be trained by Laing Chow, and followed her dream of being an Olympic gold medalist. The reason I chose Gabrielle Douglas was because of her hard work and dedication to gymnastics.
It all started when her sister Arielle taught her how to do a cartwheel. Gabrielle then did a perfectly one handed cartwheel at four years old. Her sister Arielle was really impressed with what Gabby could do especially at at young age. Arielle then talked her mother into putting Gabrielle in a gymnastics class and had successfully convinced her. Natalie, Gabrielle’s mother saw the flexibility and coordination in her daughter, and so she enrolled her in a former gymnastics class when she was six years old ( By the time Gabrielle was eight she had won state championship and made her mother proud ( Gabrielle Douglas was not content with winning just state championship, she hoped and wanted to participate in the olympics. Her passion for being an Olympic gold medalist was beginning to grow on her.
Few years had passed when Liang Chow a coach that is well known came into town and saw what Gabrielle could do and had asked her if she wanted to train with him back in Iowa. Gabrielle was fourteen at the time. The girl would have to convince her mother to allow her to move across the country to pursuit the olympic dream. It was tough convincing her mother but but in the end she agreed with Gabby and let her go to Iowa. Gabrielle had left her home to follow her dreams. She moved to West Des Moines, Iowa with the Parton family that took her in and treated her like one of their own. The Parton family was very welcoming and nice to her (Yahoo Sports). Missy Parton had lost her mother and opened the door to one of Chow girls who most needed a place to stay. Gabrielle felt out of place because she felt that she was the only black girl in Iowa. The Parton’s tried making her more at home and comfortable by telling her jokes. Then she slowly began to feel more at home in Iowa after a while. She became a role model to the Partons four daughters because she was the oldest. The Parton’s had become like a second family to Gabby. Liang chow is the coach of Gabrielle Douglas and teaches her to learned new...

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