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Gabrielle Reece:Hitting It Hard Essay

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Every person wants to be tough, independent, and a Christian women. Gabrielle Reece is a perfect example. Despite her challenges growing up, she became a professional volleyball player in addition to having a successful modeling and golf career. Her Christian beliefs helped her write books and to be an example of what dedication and determination can achieve. Gabrielle Reece is an inspiration and a role model for young volleyball players and athletes to do their best and to have the endurance to succeed in doing what they love.
Gabrielle Reece faced challenges very early on in her life. When Gabby was three years old, her parents split up and Gabby and her mother moved constantly. She lived in Mexico City, with friend in New York, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. While in the Virgin Islands, Gabby had started to misbehave, they do not have a legal drinking age, so Gabby started drinking, doing bad things, hanging with the wrong crowd, and even wanted to drop out of school. Terry finally stepped in when Gabby finished her sophomore year in high school (Morgan 20-22).
Terry and Gabby moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and Terry enrolled Gabby into Keswick Christian school. At first, Gabby didn’t fit in and people made fun of her (Morgan 21). Gabby got her height from both of her parents, and she always was taller than most of her friends. Her height played a large roll in how she got into sports. She joined Keswick’s basketball and volleyball team (Gabrielle Reece 1). Gabby went to state championships her in her first season for basketball. She only played basketball for two seasons, but she didn’t see herself playing it in the future. However, Gabby played volleyball on both a school team and a club volleyball team (Gabrielle Reece 2). A friend of Terry’s sent photos of Gabby to a modeling agent, who wanted to fly her to Paris immediately, but Terry said that Gabby was still young (Barnes 1). In her senior year at Keswick, she started to like volleyball even more and got better. After the school, season had ended, she joined a club volleyball team. Reece got three offers for her to play volleyball for the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, and finally Florida State University (Gabrielle Reece 25).
Gabby accepted Florida State University’s offer and got a $4,500 scholarship to play volleyball. Gabby was the tallest women to play for the Lady Seminoles, despite her...

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