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Gaia, God, And The Big Bang

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“In the beginning…” These words launch the book of Genesis, conceivably the greatest first expression of any narrative. This biblical phrase is of absolute paramount considering that stirring at heart at of human nature are questions of existence and manifestation. In view of the fact that no YouTube videos of the Big Bang, of the Judeo-Christian God, or of Gaia creating order out of Chaos humans must rely on folklore, legends, and myths conveyed from generation to generations to construct explanations or rely on the findings of researchers and scientists. The issue currently posed is how to make these fundamental questions of the creation into a profitable game, aimed to educate, entertain, engage, and appeal to a mass market.

With the aforementioned aim in mind, three potential myths include the Greek myth of Gaia creating order from Chaos representing, Pagan mythology; the creation myth found in the book Genesis, the Judeo-Christian solution for existence; and the Big Bang theory offered by scientists as the act of the material world. These fables occur as part of popular culture and are common knowledge. Following are brief descriptions of the Pagan, biblical and scientific creation myths.

As stated previously, Gaia was the central personality in the creation myth of Greek cosmology. Gaia antedates the God and the scientific Big Bang theories. According to the Website Theoi Greek Mythology, Gaia was the mother of earth. She emerged out of chaos and gave birth to creation. She loved Uranus, god of the sky. She was the great mother of all gods, creatures, and humans who existed in the heavens, sea, earth, and hell. She was both a protective, loving, and interfering mother and wife. She propelled her children to engage in war among their fathers and amidst one another (Atsma).

If Gaia epitomized the mother of creation, then the God presented in the Bible would embody the father of existence. Genesis in the Old Testament provides a chronological history of God’s creative nature at work. In this iteration of universe design, nothing exists except God. From nothing, other than God’s imagination and voice, light, dark, earth, sky, oceans, plants, animals, and eventually humankind materialize. The creation process takes God seven days. At the end of each day, after a hard day of creating, God takes stock of his creations and appreciates his masterly work and finally, on the seventh day, God reposes, feeling satisfied with the fruits of his labor (Genesis 1 KJV).

In contrary to those believing in God, the scientific community presents the Big Bang theory as an explanation of life, which implements probabilities and evidence to support its claims. According to NASA, scientists hypothesize that over 12 billion years ago, the universe was merely millimeters across and since has expanded from this searing condensed state into the enormous and cooler cosmos experienced today. If there were a romantic story of the Big Bang,...

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