Gaining Knowledge And Perspective Essay

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Freshmen year of college had finally arrived, and I was ready to experience life through the lens of an adult. Just turning eighteen, I had it all figured out, my school of choice, my major, and my career. My plan was to graduate with a major in business administration and a double minor in psychology and political science, with hopes of becoming an attorney. It never ceases to amaze me how each semester of college has taught me to expand my realm of knowledge and to become more open to new experiences. After my very first semester, I decided to double major in business administration and psychology. As time went on, my sophomore year allowed me to delve into many major courses, which probed a thirst for knowledge that needed to be quenched. At this point, I wanted to receive a more thorough understanding of both academic disciplines, but it was not until my junior year that I realized my true purpose.
As I was sitting in my Industrial/Organizational Psychology course, I had an epiphany which allowed me to explore my options of working in this field, and I knew that my dream was to become an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. As my senior year begins to quickly come to an end, I am feeling a plethora of emotions, and the following quote by Dr. William Henry Cosby Jr. describes the current temperament that I am experiencing; “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” I will achieve my career goals and am willing to learn from my failures to reach my highest level of success.
University of Maryland, Baltimore County is the perfect fit for my academic objectives because this institution provides a specialization that suits my interests. My goals consist of receiving a Master’s in Professional Studies: Industrial/Organizational Psychology and to obtain an entry-level position within the area. Throughout this process, I can apply concepts learned in this program, which will enhance the business and psychology fundamentals necessary in finding more effective and efficient ways to better the work environment. Pursuing business administration and psychology degrees has allowed me to take courses that help focus my interests and prepares me for graduate work. Through my employment, I would like to conduct a research study on employee personality types and its effect on employee selection in the corporate work setting. The method would be to analyze how individuals are hired based on personality tests used from the hiring process. The field of...

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