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Galileo Master Of Science Essay

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Galileo Master of Science
Galileo is considered one of the best known scientists of his time; he was a teacher, astronomer, philosopher, and physicist and was known to be a major contributor to science during the scientific revolution. With all of his elaborate drawings and notes he has been called the father of modern science. Galileo's experimentation was an active process involved the investigating of causal relationships among variables. His studies in scientific experimentation would quickly become and forever remain a cornerstone of unlocking the secrets of nature and the universe.
Galileo was born in Pisa Italy in 1564 and died in 1642. His schooling included going to the University of Pisa, where he enrolled to be a doctor and get a medical degree but never finished. Even though he dropped out in 1589 he was offered a job at the same university and taught mathematics. After his teaching term at the university ended, he was blessed with another prominent job. His teaching career expanded not only did he teach mechanics, but geometry, and astronomy as well when he was offered a job at the University of Padua. During this time he became intrigued with scientific experiments and explored many areas of science. At this time he made many landmark discoveries and uncovered many things related to astronomy and physics. One of his achievements at this time was in 1595 Galileo had taken a compass design invented by Niccolo Tartaglia and Guidobaldo del Monte. By 1598 he had then improved it changing it making it more accurate it was a geometric and military compass which by today’s standards would be suitable for use by gunners and surveyors. Another invention during this time period actually invented by Galileo was the thermometer, he made it by using the expansion and contraction of air in a bulb, that to move water to an attached tube when the temperature warmed up.
I really think his greatest achievement includes improving the (looking glass) or what we know as a telescope designed by Hans Lippershey. Galileo built on his works to create the refracting looking glass with around three times the magnification of the original; he later improved on this to make the looking glass with around thirty times the magnification. Prince Frederick Sesi of Venice was the first to use the term telescope to refer to Galileo’s new heavens gazing instrument. Later Kepler would improve even further on the design. He swapped the original lenses which were concave for a convex lens and adding a third which was a prism behind the eyepiece, Kepler’s new design now created not only a wider viewing angle, but also the ability to show those images a white screen. In modern times this would, aid in the invention of film projection systems and other focal equipment. But without the original modifications to the looking glass which were made by Galileo many things in the heavens would have gone unnoticed during his era.

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