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Political socialization has been defined as a lifelong process through which individuals form their ideas, attitude, and behavior about politics. It is a constant process that can be altered as we grow up. It is through this process that people are incorporated into the political culture and their orientation is developed. There are several factors that can define this. The major factors are: Family, Education, Ethnicity, Friendships, Religion, Social and economic class, and Media.
The first factor is family. In a certain way, this is how people are primarily influenced at the beginning. Young children spend more time with their family rather than with other people. Therefore, they obtain ...view middle of the document...

The fifth factor that makes an impact is religion. This factor is also be influenced by ethnicity and location. Across the world there are several religions, and depending on the geographical location one is be more accepted than the others. Every religion has different traditions and customs. Although most of them look for the common good, they tend to have different values. Religion often dictates what is wrong and what is good. This has an influence towards which political party supports better your religious views.
The sixth factor is the individual’s social and economic class. Every class has different issues to deal with, and most of the time one party will focus more on their personal issues than the others. For example, blue-collar workers in the United States seemed more intrigued with economic issues, so they used to vote mostly for the Democrat Party. However, for the last couple of years, they seem to have given more priority to social issues. Currently, most of them vote for the Republican Party.
The seventh and final factor is the media. Throughout time,...

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