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Gallery Review Sample

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Last name 1First Name M.I. Last NameProfessor First name last nameArt 16027 September 2014Gallery Review #1My first art gallery review is about "Painting Women: Works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston." I went to the Bellagio Fine Arts Gallery, it showcases 34 paintings spanning the century from 1860 - 1950, telling the story of women artists, their activism and their artistic achievements. I viewed this exhibit with my mother and this is our first time in an art gallery. Before we entered the room the lady gave us the audio guide for the gallery, it looks like an old cellphone back in the earlier decades. As I walked through the door, I saw a lot of paintings on the wall with different sizes and there were a few people inside the gallery. I felt nostalgic when I saw the paintings, questioning myself that what if I was born in the past and lived in those days. Now I would like to review three works and share what I have learned in these paintings.To begin, the first piece I am going to review is the Woman in a Fur Hat (fig.1), a self-portrait of Gretchen Woodman Rogers. To me, this painting shows confidence and elegance as it shows a fur hat and coat on her. While I was looking at this work, the lady that was working there came to me and told me that she also likes this painting. When I looked at her gaze I can see a strong and confident look. This painting is in about 1915; I am imagining what if I lived in that time and see the differences between the world in the past and today. I also saw the wood frame of it has little cracks showing that it is very old. This painting used contrast where the background was light and the clothes that she was wearing are dark. The style of the colors she used blends together to create the fur texture on her clothes. There is also a red flower on her hat emphasizing a feminine and lady-like woman. This is a two-dimensional, and this also has some organic features like the flower and the furs in the coat.Fig.1 Women in Fur Hat Moving on to my second piece to review, is the Red Tree, Yellow Sky by Georgia O' Keefe (Fig. 2). This is my favorite piece of all the paintings in there, because it is simple yet amazing. The color she used describes femininity; pink also shows one of my favorite colors. This is also a two-dimensional piece. She uses two palettes which are red and yellow which show different tints of the colors. I like this painting, because it looks neat and cool to my eyes. I feel calm and relief whenever I look at this painting, and I would like to have one like this in my room. I can say that this is an...

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