The Bostion Elections And Results Of The Casino

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During the Mayor election of Boston on last Tuesday, November 05th there was a referendum about the construction of a casino in East Boston and Revere area. In order to have the license to start the construction of the casino the citizens of both towns had to vote and decide if the project will be aloud. Pro-casino citizens in East Boston where confident they will get more than sixty percent of the votes. The citizens of Revere that agree with the project had a big number of votes in their favor, pro-casino group from Revere stated that they will get at least sixty five percent of the votes. After the Mayor election on last Tuesday and the final count of the votes, the result was not what pro-casino supporters were anticipating. The result in East Boston was fifty six percent against a casino construction and forty four percent in favor of the project. The result in the city of Revere was sixty percent in support and forty percent against. After the official results on that day, a speaker of Suffolk Downs the race track were Caesars entertainments planned to build the casino stated that the results of the referendum were not what they were expecting, and the project at Suffolk Downs could move only to the side of the city of Revere.
The pro-casino group from Revere and East Boston, Caesars entertainments, and powerful politicians including the Mayor of Boston Thomas Menino stated that a construction in the fifty two acres of Suffolk Downs on Revere side is bigger than the two other casinos to be built in western Massachusetts. A casino can bring revenue of thirty two millions dollars to the city in taxes. The project estimated at least a creation of four thousand jobs, and an investment of one billion dollars to build the casino. The casino supporters and Caesars Entertainments group declared that the citizens of Revere and East Boston will have the preference for those jobs positions, and will have all benefits by state and federal laws.
However, the idea of building a casino just in Revere is still a problem for citizens from East Boston. There are big concerns from citizens that are anti-casino, the increase of traffic, the impact to small business in the area, pollution, gambling addiction,...

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