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Paul Castellano, or “Big Paul” was an eight-grade dropout and boss of the richest, most dangerous, and most powerful crime syndicate in the United States. Born June 26, 1915 in Brooklyn, Big Paul began his life in the mob by running numbers. When he was named successor to the great Carlo Gambino, trouble arose. Many members felt that Aniello Dellacroce, although in prison, deserved the role but instead Gambino had promoted Paul. Some saw this as nepotism which was generally frowned upon on by La Cosa Nostra. To settle tensions Castellano gifted Neil Dellacroce some of the family’s most lucrative operations throughout Manhattan and Queens, but this did not completely satisfy the slighted ...view middle of the document...

One of his many flagrant displays of wealth was his home. In 1976 he built an enormous estate on Staten Island’s Todt Hill. The home contained an Olympic-sized swimming pool, state of the art security system, wrought-iron fences, gilded lamps, tennis courts, bocce courts, and beautiful views of the Atlantic and New York Harbor. It was a fortress that Big Paul felt untouchable in. However, the fortress and his false sense of security, led to his demise and introduced him to several federal indictments, due to FBI bugging. As Paul was building his mansion and displaying his great wealth, there was a division forming in the great Gambino family. Still angry Dellacroce and his many followers were essentially divorced from the secluded Paul. “The Pope’s” seclusion, greed, and his regular requests for kickbacks and mob fees, and his embarrassment for being a gangster, made many of his own men detest him, when it was his capos who really did most of the work. Up and comer John Gotti, was the pride and protégé of Aniello Dellacroce, Paul’s underboss. He was violent and extremely dangerous and controlled the Bergin crew, one of the most lucrative and successful crews of the Gambino family. Gotti had gone to prison multiple times, the most recent was for avenging the murder of Gambino’s killed nephew. Gotti was extremely ambitious and had a bad temper making it known to everyone not to cross him. Gotti would soon desire what Castellano had, but for now Big Paul was still the boss.
Big Paul had a bad time in the 80’s, mostly due to fault of his own. Paul Castellano was a hypocrite. He outlawed narcotics smuggling under penalty of death but he himself allied the Gambino family with the Sicilian Mafia, or Zips, and the Italian Mob, in order to use them for their heroin smuggling connections. He also used these ruthless killers to get rid of any opposition or trouble, making him even more unpopular. The federal government also plagued Paul Castellanos reign. They placed bug in his “White House” on Staten Island, inside Dellacroce’s club Ravenite, and inside of Gotti’s main headquarters. Due to their ignorance and relatively loose lipped speech, many mobsters were convicted due to listening devices used by the FBI. For Big Paul, in 1984, he and twenty of his men were indicted on “fifty-one counts of racketeering” (Davis 178). These cases against Paulie and his men were listed under RICO Act. This act, Racketeering-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, was established in 1970, and was a major asset to tearing down the mob. The law focused specifically on racketeering but was especially harmful because it not only punished the man who committed the crime, it punished who ordered it and the entire criminal organization as a whole. It also allowed to government to take legal and illegal assets from the mob, cutting of its money flow. It basically made the Mafia a crime in itself. By 1895 The Pope had four federal indictments against him. Due to the bugging of...

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