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Gambling has been around since 2300 B.C. It has its positive and negative effects; it also has somewhat of a positive impact on the economy. It stimulates most communities by creating jobs and generates tax revenue for state and local governments. The gambling industry in “2002 and the commercial casino industry provided 350,000 jobs in the United States” ( Even though gambling can bring a lot of economic growth to the economy there is still an argument going on today whether it is a great choice to legalize it everywhere.
There are several positive effects that gambling has along with its positive impact for economic development. In some areas of the U.S. gambling has been embraced and promoted as a legitimate strategy of economic development. It helps the unemployed and underemployed by providing them with jobs that receive amazing benefits. It helps the real estate business in areas where casinos are built there are most likely to be a hotel somewhere nearby. There are several gambling companies that make charitable donations in their areas, by giving thousands of dollars to help their communities. Some states run lotteries, raffles, and poker events. The government collects revenues through taxes that are collected from gambling establishments, which really helps the economy. In the state of Nevada, “Las Vegas is a testament to the powerful ability to help foster the economic development of this country, Las Vegas casinos have grown with a low tax burden that many governments envy” ( Gambling creates tourism and the more tourists an area attracts the more income it will generate to the government. Gambling has also been proven to reduce cases of depression and can drastically lower health problems. It has also been proven that “elderly who gamble are not likely to suffer from depression, alcoholism...

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