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Gambling Opinion Essay

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In this essay, I will state my personal views about gambling addiction. Poker, slots, blackjack, you may have heard of these so called games from casinos. They start as hobbies but can turn into addictions. It is one of the most addictive hobbies. Gambling is the act of risking money, property or something of value with an uncertain outcome. Most of us automatically think of casinos when we think of gambling. But there are actually many common types of gambling. For example, lottery games, bingo, sports and even bets with friends. Gambling addiction can result to major debts, bankruptcy and loss of everything you own including your life.
A gambling addiction is the loss of control and a need for the excitement or rush. It is a need to gamble more frequently, and to bet larger and larger amounts of money while feeling anxiety in the absence of gambling. For most people gambling is the central thing in their lives. This type of addiction is progressive and can cause harm to your life. While they continue to engage in gambling activities, home life, friendships, and occupations are affected. In worse cases, people may end up lying, stealing, or cheating when they run out of cash. Similar to any addiction, the first step is recognizing and accepting it. Most people may not realize that they have a problem, while others may be aware but dent its existence. For that, they might gamble mostly everything they have and put themselves into debt.
The most dangerous game is video lottery terminals. It has been called the crack-cocaine of gambling. But electronic gaming machines may be the most addictive form of gambling invented. In my opinion, the lights, colours and sound can get a normal gambler to bet faster until they become obsessed. People make the machine so interesting and it makes people want to play more.
Furthermore, there are many obsessive gamblers who end up taking away their lives...

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