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Game Changers Hq Army Material Command Logisticians Face Today

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General Dennis L. Via is the current Commander of HQ Army Materiel Command (AMC) at Redstone Arsenal. His predecessor General Anne Dunwoody was the first woman in military history to receive a four-star status. As commanding leaders at HQ AMC they recognized that their primary mission is to effectively and efficiently distribute and redistribution of material and more importantly the design structure, technology capabilities, and the infrastructure are vital parts of every supply chain. HQ AMC is the primary provider of material to the Army. HQ AMC motto is, “If a Soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it, wears it, communicates with it, or eats it AMC provides it.” AMC primary function is to synchronize the distribution of material across the Army servicing 268 installations and depots across the 50 states and in over 30 countries. HQ AMC has found innovative ways to continue to be the forerunner in supply chain management.
HQ AMC was years ahead of their time in developing and revamping distribution strategies and had the opportunity to put their concepts to the test. During the relief operation of 1992 Hurricane Andrew a team of logistician from HQ AMC were dispatched Dade County Florida to aid in the distribution of relief supplies to the people in need. Lending their expertise to the cause allowed them to reduce the stockpile of donated goods from 7,000 tons to 421 tons. Within 17 days they were able to move the supplies from the warehouse to the soldiers and relief agencies and volunteers who distributed them to the needy. Being a part of this relief effort allowed HQ AMC to put their logistical concepts to test and they were very successful.
In efforts to remain a global leader the Army is developing The Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise Program (EAGLE), which is designed to reduce unnecessary duplication. The Army also uses a program call Decision Support Tool (DST) this program allows HQ AMC and other governmental agencies to better optimize their available and ready supply against demand. The EAGLE program has propelled HQ AMC as a leader of managing logistics services. The goal is and always has been to reduce redundancy and improved visibility of inventory. The EAGLE program uses a ground-breaking strategy of allowing multiple small businesses the opportunity to compete for Army contracts. An example of this is when in October 2012 Logicore, which is an owned by an Afro-American woman, was awarded an EAGLE BOA with the Army Sustainment Command in Rock Island, IA. Then in November 2013 Logicore won a 5 year contract with HQ AMC to provide logistic support. EAGLE service providers serve as the main point of contact at all of the Army’s Materiel Enterprises at each installation and subordinate command, providing global logistical service of maintenance, retail and wholesale supply and transportation.
In order to be efficient in logistics asset tracking is essential and barcodes and radio frequency identification...

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