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Game Of The Century Essay

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I’ve been imprisoned in this hellhole for years now, no windows, no doors, no contact whatsoever with the world outside. Wouldn’t that be called a hellhole? Haven’t even seen the face of that women who gave birth to me, and wouldn't ever want to either. Someone who abandoned me as an infant doesn’t deserve to be seen. I’ve kept my life hidden all these years quietly without wanting to get out. WHY? So that one day when I’m finally ready I can get what I want, something I’ve been longing for. Just a few more hours.

There are thoughts that I keep to myself. I’m a total two faced jerk. I like to keep everything inside, without sharing it to others just trust issues.

From the far end of the hall I could hear Mr.Emuki’s high heels towards the door. Tock. Tock. Tock.

“Kimura Sunji!” Ms.Emuki called out peeking her head into my bedroom door. Ms.Emuki was a tall, pretty, middle aged enthusiastic women, never ...view middle of the document...

Ms.Emuki sat on her counter table with a big mug of coffee and a newspaper as usual. Probably doing those word puzzles.

“Ms.Emuki, I’ll be heading out in a few, I’ll meet you near the front gate.” I yelled past her.“Mhm, I’ll be there as soon as I find the last word in this stupid word puzzle.” She said glancing at me and hurried back to her puzzle.

I had to say goodbye to everyone who was here with me while my parents weren’t. “Goodbye, Kimura!” Waved the kids, “Come and visit us!” I giggled and nodded.

I saw Ms.Emuki waiting for me at the front gate with a white and black striped bag. “Ms.-”
Barely finishing what I could say, Ms.Emuki interrupted. “Kimura, you’ve been here since a little infant, and darling I would hate for you to feel left out in this new world as well.” She grabs my hand and gives me the bag. “Here’s some food that I prepared for your new home. You must not want to cook when you get home, right?” I felt like my heart was burning. I gently took her hand and said “Thank you Ms.Emuki, I’ll always remember you and your kindness towards me” She came closer and gave me a warm hug.
I quickly hurried out the front door trying not to show her my tears. I looked back one last time. Am I actually leaving? I wonder how life outside this place is.

A man stood five feet away from me leaning on a yellow cab. I heaved my luggage on the concrete floor towards the car. He seemed to know where I was going, it must have been Ms.Emuki who hired a cab for me.

Several streets away I stuck my head out. The morning breeze was pleasant, something I never felt before. Everything, not only the breeze but the feeling, the moment, the excitement was something I had never felt before. I could not have asked for a better day.

“Sir, we’ve reached your apartment.” The driver interrupted my thought. He got off and took my bags out for me and towards the main door. I could feel a nervous chill go down my back. A new place and that too alone was actually scary.

It was a small brick building from about the 1900s maybe or so. I dug into my pocket to find the paper that had the room number on it, I panicked for a second thinking I had lost it. Room: 480.

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