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Game Of Throne Themes To Modern Philosophy

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Game of thrones is a television series that deals with medieval concepts with a touch of mysticism. As a series that tackles medieval concepts, political themes can be derived out of the series and can be used to expound on new modern themes and philosophies. Within this paper, major theme and supporting themes that can further explain the general theme that is found in the series. These themes will be given support by quotes and lines from the scenes in season three. These themes can be related in lessons on modern political philosophies and it can further help political philosophers in expounding on ideas concerning our modern times. With this said, themes that was found and striking will ...view middle of the document...

As the quote say, influence can expand with proper refinement and it can expand without constraint. Robb Stark’s line “If Walder Fray Cooperates” is another line that can support the theme of influence (Nutter, 2011). “If Walder Fray cooperates” this line signifies the important influence of Walder Fray in the war against Westeros (Nutter, 2011). If Walder Fray had taken the side of Robb Stark, Casterly Rock would have fell from the Lannister’s to the Stark’s (Nutter, 2011). The influence of Walder Fray in the war could have change the dynamics of the next episodes of Game Of Thrones. With these two lines from the series, Influence can bring out two instances. The first instance is the lines of Lord Varys exemplifies, which is the influence of talk. While in the line of Robb Stark signifies the influence of power Lord Walder Fray has on the war that has happening in the realm. Influence can also be called ‘PERSUASIONS.” This persuasion goes a long way within the realms of the Westeros.
With this said, influence is a theme that was found in the series. Modern Political philosophers like: Talcott Parson believes that power comes from the ability to persuade or influence the people (Parsons, 1963). According to Parsons (1963) “Influence just like money and coercion is a form of power that has a mechanism to bring about changes in the ideas and actions of other individual and the collective.” This collective power that can be used to change the ideas and...


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