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Game Of Thrones: Eddard ¨Ned¨ Stark

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The story opens in Winterfell, Eddard Stark, also known as Ned, is the lord of Winterfell. As the story begins, Eddard must execute a deserter of the Night’s Watch, and takes his three sons and his bastard-Jon Snow, along with him as witnesses. On the ride back to Winterfell, Eddard's sons discover six direwolf pups, which are entrusted to Eddard's five children and his bastard. (The direwolf, the sigil of House Stark). Following the death of Lord Jon Arryn, previous "Hand of the King", King Robert asks Eddard to become the new Hand of the King. Eddard agrees, but also agrees to investigate Lord Arryn’s death, after Catelyn Stark (Eddard Stark’s wife) had suggested that he had possibly been ...view middle of the document...

King Robert attempts to gloss the incident; but Cersei sends Joffrey's guard, Sandor Clegane “The Hound”, to kill Mycah, and decrees that Sansa's innocent direwolf must be killed in place of Arya's, which Arya has chased away.

Upon Catelyn's arrival in King's Landing, she is greeted by Petyr Baelish, who identifies the owner of the dagger as Tyrion Lannister (Dwarf brother of Cersei and Jaime). On her return to Winterfell, Catelyn captures Tyrion and takes him to her sister, Lady Lysa Arryn. There, Tyrion demands trial by combat and regains his freedom when his champion, sell-sword Bronn, wins the duel. In retaliation for Tyrion's abduction, Tyrion's father, Lord Tywin Lannister, wages war. He is soon joined by Jaime, who angrily confronts Eddard in King's Landing, killing a number of his men and crippling Eddard.

Soon after Eddard learns, as did the murdered Jon Arryn learned before him that King Robert's heirs are actually Jaime Lannister's children by his sister, Cersei. Eddard confronts Cersei and offers her a chance to flee King’s Landing before he tells King Robert the truth; but Eddard withholds the revelation from the king when Robert is mortally wounded in a hunt. Eddard recruits Petyr Baelish ’Littlefinger’ to have the city guards arrest and charge Cersei for killing Lord Arryn, but is betrayed, resulting in Eddard's arrest, the death of all of his men, and Sansa's capture. The Lannisters attempt to capture Arya as well, but she is able to flee the castle after her fencing master, Syrio Forel, intervenes.

With Eddard imprisoned, Joffrey (Cersei and Jaime's eldest son), is crowned as Robert's heir. Eddard is persuaded by Lord Varys to swear loyalty to King Joffrey in exchange for Sansa's life and his own; but Joffrey orders his execution, and Lord Eddard is beheaded. Yoren of the Night's Watch then removes Arya from King's Landing, with the intention of delivering her to Winterfell on his journey north.

As news of Eddard's arrest spreads across the Seven Kingdoms, a civil war erupts. Robb Stark, now Lord of Winterfell, gathers an army of northern men and marches south towards King’s Landing. Upon hearing of Robb's march, Lord Tywin also advances his army to meet Robb's. In a bold move, Robb covertly detaches his cavalry towards Riverrun, while his infantry, under Lord Roose Bolton, engages Tywin's army. Tywin, joined by the now-liberated Tyrion, defeats Bolton's infantry, only to discover too late that they were a decoy. Robb's forces then take Jaime's army by surprise during the night, capturing Jaime himself....

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