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Game Of Thrones Relationship To Modern Political Philosophy

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Game of thrones is a television series that deals with medieval concepts with a touch of mysticism. As a series that tackles medieval concepts, political themes can be derived out of the series and can be used to expound on new modern themes and philosophies. Within this paper, major theme and supporting themes will be supplied that can further explain the themes that are found in the series. These themes will be given support by quotes and lines from the scenes in season three. These themes can be related in lessons on modern political philosophies and it can further help political philosophers in expounding on ideas concerning our modern times. With this said, themes that was found and striking will be list done and be justified by the series of Game of Thrones season 3 episodes 9 and 10. These themes listed down on the paper will be compared to the ideas of modern philosophers ideas. The ideas of the political philosopher will also be included in this paper. Lastly within this paper, a summary of what themes that has been found out in the series are still applicable in modern’s time.
As I watched season three of Games of Thrones within these last few days, I realized that there are a lot of political aspects that can be related to modern philosophy with the series. As our professor said, even the title of the series can give off a sense of political thought and philosophy that can be relatable in modern times. In watching season three of the Game of Thrones the theme that struck me the most and was the most common theme in politics, was the power of influence. As season three unfold to the last episodes, the theme of influence seems to be more and more visible. Influence also becomes a theme that is visible to the other season of the series. Influence as the main theme creates other themes visible and it corresponds to the major theme that I choose. With the line spoken by “the Spider” or Lord Varys in episode 4 season 3 “Influence grows like a weed, I tended mine patiently until its tendrils reached from the Red Keep all the way across the far side of the world” (Nutter, 2011). As the quote say, influence can expand with proper refinement and it can expand without constraint and expand in places that can give high postions. Robb Stark’s line in season 3 episode 9 “If Walder Fray Cooperates” is another line that can support the theme of influence (Nutter, 2011). “If Walder Fray cooperates” this line signifies the important influence of Walder Fray in the war against Westeros (Nutter, 2011). If Walder Fray had taken the side of Robb Stark, Casterly Rock would have fallen from the Lannister’s to the Stark’s (Nutter, 2011). The influence of Walder Fray in the war could have change the dynamics of the next episodes of Game Of Thrones. With these two lines from the series, Influence can bring out two instances. The first instance is the lines of Lord Varys exemplifies, which is the influence of talk. While in the line of Robb Stark signifies the...

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